Do not renew Fish Farm Tenures in Musgamagw Dzawda'enuxw territory

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The salmon farming industry is contaminating the BC coast with the most dangerous pollutants known - viruses, as well as sea lice.  Wild salmon, herring and everything that depends on them from whales to people and forests are being impacted.  This is a dirty industry that does not belong the ocean.

One third of the BC salmon farming industry is using the territorial waters of the Musgamagw Dzawada'enuxw without their permission.  Sea lice from salmon farms infected most of the young salmon leaving this territory in 2017 and in most years since 2001, resulting in a collapse of wild salmon fisheries.

The Minister of Fisheries, Dominic LeBlanc is fighting me in court to protect the salmon farming industry from disease testing and so many farm salmon appear to be affected by disease causing enormous risk to wild salmon and herring that are already in decline.

Many of the provincial salmon farm tenures in this territory are due to expire in June 2018 and so the Provincial NDP will be making the decision whether or not to renew these licences despite firm opposition from this First Nation.

It is time to get salmon farms out of the ocean beginning with the territories where the indigenous people have said no for over 30 years.

Alexandra Morton

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