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After the first oil embargo produced the first gas crisis in 1973, President Carter installed solar panels on the White House to set an example for how we could achieve independence from foreign oil. Instead, Carter's far sighted action was either scorned or ignored.
After his election in 1980, President Reagan took the solar panels down and announced that "America didn't conserve its way into greatness".
In 1992, I petitioned President Clinton to replace the solar panels, but was unfortunately ignored.
President Obama has committed his administration to fight global warming. What better way than to restore solar power to the White House?

Letter to
U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Senate
President of the United States
In 1992, I petitioned the new young President Clinton to include as part of his ambitious progressive agenda the restoration of solar panels to the White House, but I never received an acknowledgement.
Originally installed on the White House by President Carter, this progressive action reflected extraordinary foresight where our dependence on foreign oil could lead. However, the panels were removed by President Reagan as one of his first acts after taking office.
Passive solar systems have no moving parts and once installed require no maintenance. To justify his action, Reagan declared "America didn't conserve its way into greatness".
You have already demonstrated a depth of understanding about our economy and our society that rejects such a shallow endorsement of waste and excess. Indeed, you have condemned the excesses that brought our economy to the brink.
Restoring solar power to the White House would be a clear signal of leadership and commitment to the development of alternative fuels. It would inspire countless others, around the world, to follow this example. It would illustrate the United State was serious about curbing its own excesses.

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