Save nature, make Panchavati design of tree plantation compulsory

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The  concept of Panchavati is pure scientific concept of Indian spiritual culture which is timeless and hence can be adopted today also. The combination of Five trees Banyan (वड) , Peepal  ( पिंपळ) ,Fig  (औदुंबर) , Bilv (बेल)  and Amla (आवळा)  within same premises (Trees separated apart by 10 meters) is called as Panchavati.

The Panchavati besides providing the needed thick shade, exude a variety of pheromonal secretions which are capable of cleaning environmental pollutions and mental pollutions of human beings, in addition to having high herbal and medicinal qualities. Panchavati in truth is an inexhaustible pharmacy on earth. 

In almost every village a large platform may be built around any of these five species in particular around ashwatha, neem and audambara which can form the nerve centre of many social, religious and community activities of the village. It is believed that the minds of the decision-makers squatting under the Panchavati trees are purified by the air they breathe while on these platforms. Been a source of inspiration for many of our saints/sages, thus Panchavati had significant religious attributes with an emotional attachment of large population of India.

As we see, every year number of plantation drives initiated and lakhs of tree plantation happens but whether Forest area is growing ? The reasons of failure are either non-care and corrupt practices which are directly related to emotional attachment. There is strong need of developing bridge of emotion between scheme and its actually implementation and Panchavati gives scope for the same. 

If all Govt. premises show Panchavati concept successfully implemented then definitely people will also come ahead to protect the trees. The sucess of any plantation drive is directly depend on types of trees planted and its importance (immediate benefits). 

Hence,looking in to the Ground water conditions, depleting forests and increasing pollution levels  it  became now foremost requirement to do something.

Time and again Panchavati has proved this ability. It can be implemented on as small area as 05 trees and can be as big as thousands of tress in Panchavati design. It will also be source of income as well as a cultural awareness drive.

आपण पर्यावरण विषयी आज जागं नाही होणार तर कधी? पंचवटी हि भारतीय परंपरागत आदर्श निसर्ग संवर्धन संकल्पना आहे. अगदी लहानात लहान 05 व्रुक्ष ते मोठ्यात मोठी 50000  व्रुक्षांची पंचवटी बनू  शकते, जी शुध्द हवा, भूजल संवर्धन, शेती पूरक उद्योग आणि एकूणच गावचा समतोल साधण्यासाठी एक उत्तम साधन ठरेल.

Hence, request that people may be encouraged for Panchavati and this can be started with implementation at all Govt. lands/premises).

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