Mayor Byron Brown Must Resign

Mayor Byron Brown Must Resign

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Buffalo, NY started this petition to Residents of Buffalo New York

The City of Buffalo has been watching the consistent failing of our local government in recent weeks since the death of George Floyd sparked protests across the nation. From the start on Saturday, May 30th, protestors were met with lines of militarized police. Cops were armed with rubber bullets and tear gas while helicopters occupied the sky and armored vehicles occupied the streets. 

On Monday, June 1st, Myles Carter was tackled from behind by police while his hands were up and he was being interviewed by WIVB. Byron Brown described him as a "major instigator" and "agitator".

On Thursday, June 4th, video captured 75-year old well-known peaceful protestor Martin Gugino pushed to the ground by police. The video went viral as people internationally were mortified by blood spreading out on the sidewalk and several cops walked by and did not help. While two police officers were charged with assault, there remains one message crystal clear from our highest elected public official.

Byron Brown does not care about Black and Brown folx.

Again and again, from local to national news outlets he has spoken out without true concern, remorse, and without any real sincerity about police reform or change. He blames protestors and continues to praise and defend all those who do not protect or serve. 

And to be clear, none of this is new. Neither Byron Brown's timeline of inaction nor the fight against him, the fight for justice, or the fight to defund the police force. Byron Brown has been in office for 15 years. He placates the city with speeches about understanding racial injustice and inequity but has not pursued accountability or justice for any of those harmed or murdered by the BPD. This includes the long list of deaths which have occurred at the Erie County Holding Center under Sheriff Howard's watch.

In 2006, he FAILED former police officer Cariol Horne who was fired after trying to prevent Officer Gregory Kwiatkowski from choking a prisoner

In 2016, he FAILED to fight for justice for India Cummings who died at the age of 27 while more than 70 deputies watched her mental and physical health deteriorate for 17 days.

In 2017, he FAILED to fight for justice for Wardel "Meech" Davis, 20, who died of an asthma attack while in police custody.

Again in 2017, he FAILED to fight for justice for Jose Hernandez Rossy, 26, who was shot and killed. He was unarmed.

In 2018, he FAILED to fight for justice for Rafael 'Pito' Rivera, 32, and Marcus Neal, 47, who were both shot dead. 

In 2019, he FAILED to fight for justice for Connell Burrell, 44, who was the 26th Erie County inmate to die since Tim Howard became sheriff in 2005.

And now, he is FAILING Deyanna Davis, 30, who was on the way home from a funeral repast when gunfire erupted on Bailey Avenue in the midst of protests. After being shot at and ducking for cover she increased her speed to escape injury which resulted in accidentally crashing into police. She was shot two times.

Byron Brown has failed to act for too long. Demand he resign today.

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0 have signed. Let’s get to 7,500!
At 7,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get a reaction from the decision maker!