Pass legislation for Safe Haven Baby Boxes in KY

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Every state has safe haven laws, but only about a hand full of states have these Baby Boxes. Safe Haven Baby Boxes are temperature controlled, clean, monitored and safe boxes, usually attached to fire stations, police departments, or hospitals, where parents can hand over their babies anonymously. The states that have safe haven boxes include the states of Indiana, Ohio, Arkansas, Arizona, and just Recently Florida, but not in the state of Kentucky. I would like to change that. I want Kentucky to be one of the states that have these boxes that can save more babies' lives. I don’t just believe that we are just saving babies' lives, but that I believe we are saving the world in a way, because we don’t know if that little person can make a big change in the world.

This organization is important to me, because I want these little babies that may be abused, neglected, or just left somewhere to die to be able to have a chance, to have a family that can love them, the way my family loves me. To have a chance at life, to explore the world and maybe they can even find something that they are compassionate about when they grow up. With safe haven baby boxes that can happen. I know that one of every child's dreams is just to have a family that cares for them, and loves them with all their hearts. I know that was one of my big dreams when I was in the orphanage, is just a loving, caring family. By allowing birth parents to give up children that they cannot care for without fear, that can happen. I hope you see why this organization is close to my heart.