Renew Stella Blómkvist for a 3rd season

Renew Stella Blómkvist for a 3rd season

July 8, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Jae Blomkvist

Disclaimer: this is no way shape or form meant to rush the creators of the show, I just want to see how much support we can gather for this and to prove that this show is popular enough to deserve another season (if this gets less than a 100 signatures then... ignore that i guess, but you know, we'll aim high).

We fans of the show Stella Blómkvist want to express our desire for a third season of this show. After waiting for 4 years we were very happy to see that a second season had been produced, but the ending left us heartbroken. We are sure that the story doesn't end here and that there is much more to explore. It would be a pity if the show was cancelled in its prime, while there are still so many things that were left open and questions that were left unanswered. 

In the last 5 years the show has gathered fans from all over the world, it has travelled far beyond Iceland and truly has international potential, with an active fanbase. We do everything we can to support and promote the show and wish that a third season will be confirmed soon. This show is far too good to end up falling into the #BuryYourGays or #CancelYourGays category, a fate which too many shows with sapphic leads have suffered.

Reasons why the show deserves to be renewed:

  • International potential
  • Queer representation in a tv landscape in which heterosexual love stories still dominate and wlw love stories are far and few between. Let this please be the one wlw centered tv show in this decade which does not get axed by the network... 
  • Active global fan community with many LGBTQ+ fans. In the directors own words: "a cult hit with LGBT audiences all over the world" (i.e. not renewing the show basically amounts to homophobia. Just kidding, or maybe not.).
  • It's good PR for Iceland and could promote tourism (source: me and my friends who really want to go to Iceland now) + said global fan community could be motivated to consume more Icelandic media after watching SB, which will benefit many Icelandic creators.
  • Societal relevance: it tackles important political issues such as populism, abortion rights, international relations, etc.
  • Idk i just really want to see Stebjört kiss again

Please consider these points and kindly consider providing funding for/renewing the show/start writing s3 script (whichever one applies to the persons/institutions/companies addressed below)



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Signatures: 274Next Goal: 500
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