Rename SunTrust Park to Henry "Hank" Aaron Park

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Baseball is hailed as America's past time. It is ingrained in our Nation's history and we can all attest to memories that we won't ever forget - especially here in Atlanta. Who can forget Sid's Slide, The Catch, The Braves 1995 World Championship or Hank Aaron's historic 715th homerun at Atlanta Fulton County Stadium? I still remember going to Atlanta Fulton County Stadium as a kid with my book of baseball cards and a pen hoping to get an autograph from Bob Horner or Dale Murphy.

In recent years it seems like the commercialization of baseball has overshadowed the history of the sport. Naming rights to stadiums as a form of revenue have taken the focus off of the great athletes or the geographic location of sports teams so that venues can be bigger, brighter and greater. That result comes at a price, whether that be a loss of baseball history or neglecting the greats that built those franchises into what they are today.

Atlanta has always been at the forefront of change for the good. With the recent merger of SunTrust and BB&T, one would assume that the Braves current stadium, SunTrust Park, will be up for a name change in the days to come. Why not honor one of our own legends, Henry "Hank" Aaron (the true homerun king) and name the stadium after him? Wouldn't you rather your kids be asking you who Hank Aaron is walking into the stadium instead of asking why our stadium is named after a bank? I know I would.