Rename Arizona State University Athletic Teams to Sun Angels

Rename Arizona State University Athletic Teams to Sun Angels

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Joseph Forte Jr started this petition to Arizona State University (ASU) - Undergraduate Student Government (USG) Arizona State University (ASU) - Undergraduate Student Government (USG) and

A new name for Arizona State University Athletic Teams.
Change the name from Sun Devils - to Sun Angels.

We have seen many brands, even billion-dollar brands rethinking their product names in this new era of what can only be called a great awakening of respect for cultural diversity. This trend should be especially true in fan-based products such as collegiate and professional sports teams. Due to the popularity and loyalty of fans to these iconic brands, they should be leading the charge to create a positive image - and not hoping that we will all just overlook their derogatory and obviously outdated names. Most are doing a fine job. One is failing miserably.

Such is the case for the Arizona State University “Sun Devils.”

What once might have been viewed as acceptable - is now just plain demonic. Anyone with an ounce of Christian belief will have a hard time pledging allegiance to…being loyal to…or spending money with the devil. With every T-shirt, souvenir and game ticket they sell, they solidify their consent that idolizing the devil is just fine with them.

This must stop - and the solution is a simple one.

ASU can simply flip the switch and rename their teams, the “Sun Angels.” A precedent already exists for this and it has existed for over 44 years in plain sight, right on the ASU campus. In direct opposition to the Sun Devil moniker, the university’s track & field stadium is already named the “Sun Angel Stadium,” and is considered one of the finer facilities of its kind in the country. Oddly, it sits within walking distance to the Sun Devil Football Stadium.

But it gets even stranger.

Since 1947 the booster organization for ASU Athletics has created tens of millions in funding for athletes and programs at ASU. It’s name? The Sun Angel Foundation. The Sun Angels pour millions every year to perpetuate the name, Sun Devils. Even more crazy, the Sun Angel Foundation is now known publicly as the Sun Devil Club. It seems the “Devil” gets a lot of funding from Angels.

Confused? You’re normal. Read on.

The school was not always so Luciferian. The original name was the OWLES and later they changed to the NORMALS and once again to the BULLDOGS. Sun Devils is the 4th name for ASU’s namesake voted on by a very small ASU student body in 1946. Back then, almost nobody had even heard of ASU. The fact is, only 891 people voted for the name change. It could hardly be called anything more than an off-color joke at the time. Had the vote been public, it is impossible to believe that Americans in the WWII era would support the rise of a new devil, when they had just defeated another one in Nazi Germany.

The devil association becomes even stronger when you consider “Sparky” the full-blown devil mascot, complete with a pointy tail and 3-pronged pitchfork trident. Even the “Fork-em” slogan connotes something decidedly non-Christian - a lewd, pitchforked hand gesture often seen during games from the “Inferno,” where student fans raise their tridents to celebrate a good “forking.” It could be a plot from a B-rated fraternity movie - if it weren’t actually true.

So, we have a devil name, a devil mascot, a devil trident symbol and a lewd slogan, all erupting from a stadium named after the devil and funded by organizations of “angels” that call themselves devils who condone all of this. This is a school that has clearly lost its way and a place good Christians might want to reconsider sending their kids to.

The purpose of this petition is to garner support for the change of the name from Sun Devils to Sun Angels. The school, not surprisingly is raking in millions from the merchandising and promotion of Lucifer and will not change their evil ways without resounding public pressure to do so. Your support on this petition is a simple and easy way to do the right thing.

Your support sends a strong message that there is a big difference between school spirit and glorifying the devil. Any religion that holds the devil as an evil force should stand united on this premise. I think we speak for everyone to say that it would be a welcome gesture for as many religions as possible to align forces to fight demonic influence on not just ASU college students, but the millions of people in the country that ASU sports programs are exposed to.

Some might think it’s “cool” to be a devil, or that the name sounds like a fitting name for a tough collegiate team in a hot climate. Keep in mind the Archangels cast the devil out of heaven, so the devil is actually history’s biggest loser. The Archangels on the other hand can only be considered victorious winners. And, for those narrow-minded enough to think that all this devil talk is just a toungue-in-cheek reference to the hot weather in Arizona, the Archangel Gabriel is also known as the Angel of the Sun - completely in line with Arizona’s hot weather in what is known as the “Valley of the Sun” to all who live in the Phoenix area.

Our goal is not to turn ASU into a religious school - just to save it from being a demonic one. Our impressionable youth worships and respects their sports teams and will for the rest of their lives be forced to refer to themselves as Sun Devil alumni. They will never lose the taint of the devil and since ASU is the largest university in the USA, this is a huge issue. As of 2019, ASU had over 90,000 students. That’s 90,000 devils we can do without. In 10 years it will create another million devils and rake in hundreds of millions in revenue from that - hardly a noteworthy achievement for an institution of higher learning.

Our society today has no trouble denouncing names of products, organizations, buildings, statues, and sports teams that disrespect any race. If billion-dollar brands such as Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben’s can change their names because they are offensive; if billion-dollar football teams like the Redskins and Indians can change their name; if mountains, freeways, and national monuments can change theirs, then of course a college can start selling souvenirs with a new logo.


Just ask yourself these questions, anyone with common sense can answer…

• In terms of being respectful to race, how can we ignore that the devil degrades and defiles the most important race of all - the human race!

• Isn’t it time we flush the devil, with all the demonic references, pitchforks and pointed tails?

• Isn’t it time we all realized that “Sparky” the ASU mascot is just plain creepy?

• Would you want your kid to raise a trident every weekend while screaming, “FORK YOU!” as they dress, act and idolize the devil?

• Isn’t it time for the largest university in the country to set the example, instead of cowering and protecting a name that less than a thousand people voted for 74 years ago in 1946?


If you agree, then simply sign the petition. I’m sure you will agree with the undeniable wisdom of this saying:

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

In case you’re wondering, I am not a religious zealot lashing out about something I have no first-hand experience with. I am unfortunately a former Sun Devil. As someone who puts God first in my life, I despise that I am inadvertently and permanently associated with the devil simply because I chose to get a college education. Nobody should have to own a lifetime membership card to an organization that idolizes a demon. You have the option today of ending this purgatory for me and millions like me, who would like to become the alumni of something much more wonderful and prideful.

I ask that everyone take notice of all that is around us today and do our part to stop promoting evil in this world. Instead, help spread truth and positivity. It all begins with us by using our First Amendment rights of Freedom of Speech. Please talk to your friends, neighbors, co-workers, and families and ask them help share and sign this petition. The more the truth gets out to the people, the better chance we have for meaningful change. It is deeply appreciated.

I don't want to be a devil anymore. I want to be an Angel!


0 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!
At 5,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!