Remove 39th Avenue Redesign in Queens Now — Remueva la 39th & Barnett Aves. dIseños ahora.

Remove 39th Avenue Redesign in Queens Now — Remueva la 39th & Barnett Aves. dIseños ahora.

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Dear Councilperson-elect Julie Won, Mayor Eric Adams, US Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, DOT Com. Ydanis Rodriguez, Queens DOT Com. Nicole Garcia, NY State Senator Michael Gianaris, Assemblywoman Catherine Nolan, Assemblyman Brian Barnwell, Borough President Donovan Richards, Community Board 2 Chair Morey Galoney, Transportation Committee Co-Chairs Sheila Lewandowski and Thomas Mituzas, and all Community Board 2 Members.

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UNSAFE: 39th Avenue is now unsafe for travelers, pedestrians, cars, trucks, cyclists, skate boarders, scooter users, joggers — all those trying enjoy the promises made about the Bike Boulevards —playing in the street, walking, or using as a bike corridor for ease and safety. Barnett Avenue, 100% commercial light industry, often with larger vehicle needs, is similarly adversely affected.

RUSHED AND CHAOTIC: What we have is chaos; These short, previously unproblematic and two-way streets are now a mess. Some drivers are driving over the curbs in frustration. Laws are broken continuously. We have determined that three apartment buildings are now at risk of seriously delayed emergency access. We have learned that the NYPD and FDNY were apprised only three days in advance of installation, a rush not focusing on public safety.

NOT ABOUT BIKES, SAFETY, OR REALITY: How is this about bikes or safety? All local streets have bike lanes. Northern Blvd., Skillman Ave., 43rd Ave., and Queens Boulevard all have dedicated lanes. This redesign, seemed to be solely to make sure that Barnett Ave. and 39th Ave. would be virtually unusable for all. Streets perpendicular to Barnett and 39th Ave, as forced detours, now have heavy traffic. If you travel south of Skillman Avenue to Northern Blvd., your travel is now more dangerous.

WILL GET WORSE: The plan ignores a coming new apartment building, two new schools, four existing big box stores, and the crucial, giant water tunnel on 37th Avenue closure for over a year with installation over 500 feet below ground. Large truck, school bus, and all vehicle travel will increase. Shoppers are coming or going to completely commercial 48th Street north of Barnett. Some cyclists have complained. Where is the overall city planning and concern for the current chaos, soon to worsen?

CONFUSION: Is this a political decision to throw our community under the bus for Vision Zero bragging rights? The number of bizarre one-ways and lane removals make it a nightmare for all. The design has already resulted in more driving around in confusion, for all, and most distressingly, delay for emergency vehicles. 

POLLUTION, CHILDREN, CYCLING: It has already caused more carbon emissions. We cannot believe our DOT, CB or elected officials did this carefully, or for any sensible reason. If children can now play in the street, how will cyclists use as a corridor safely? And to what is a bike corridor connecting? 

REASONS GIVEN/FDNY: The "reasons" for it ring false, that is “calming," better for bikes, for “safety," better for walking, better for street gatherings. The new design seems to exist to discourage all cars, deliveries, and moving within or through the area. If it is primarily an anti-private car measure, why has that never been mentioned? Is it assumed drivers are against a greener future?

MEANWHILE, the officials keep their private cars and placards at our expense. NYC now has the largest fleet in history. The truly distressing delays already present for the FDNY have now been magnified due to even more narrowing and more rerouting. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>

Additionally, we ask again for a restoration of two lanes on 51st St. and Skilllman Ave. in Woodside to assist the FDNY in saving lives.

INSUFFICIENT VETTING OF 39TH AVE PLAN: The plan was affirmed by Community Board 2, though opposed by the Chair, which was unprecedented in our recent memory of three decades, and with a board with many newly-appointed Transportation Alternatives members by Councilperson Van Bramer. That began last year with non-reappointment of the Chair, unanimously elected four times by the Board. We now appear to have a well-funded lobbyist group largely in control Community Board 2.

THE YES VOTE on this law was 21 to 11, out of 50 members. Three members were present in the Transportation internal committee, not a quorum. The plan was rushed through in all online meetings with little notice and insufficient community participation. We believe that the wider Board members who voted "yes" were pre-prepared to do so, instead of seeking out and considering opinions from all in the community as is in the past. Where is the community in our community board?

MOST OF US ARE FINE with whatever occurs after a fair fight, which this was not. The use of online Community Board meetings has been used to stifle dissent. The meeting after the law passage was limited to 100 online callers. Many people were blocked from attending. Previous meetings at Sunnyside Community Services were held at 299 due to fire capacity, and on big issues guests had to wait outside, over 300 attending. How could such a momentous change affecting thousands be rushed and attendance limited to 100? With members, staff and other guests usually at 75, that left 25. 

WE ARE A GREEN COMMUNITY: We all want a greener future. We all breathe. Queens Streets for All is in favor of additional bike infrastructure. We love and ride bikes. We are pro-green. We are the community which elected the most progressive officeholders in the world.

COMMUNITY UPROAR: Please work more on public transit and working with a community and less on redesigns that seem punitive. The only positive descriptions we have heard, amid shock, anger, disbelief, and confusion, about the redesign, are some needed stop signs, and new and better crosswalks.

Otherwise, remove this installation now, and start over, please.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!
At 1,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!