Remove slave trader's George Carteret statue and rename Trenton Square in Jersey

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After reading Ollie Taylor's article "Jersey’s Links to Slavery" I was inspired to start a campaign to remove the statue of slave trader George Carteret and to rename Trenton Square in Jersey CI.

To do this we must put pressure on Jersey states members Simon Crowcroft and Richard Vibert to change their minds. 

It is imperative that history should not be forgotten, but publicly honouring people who benefited from the enslavement and sale of human beings is not right - these people do not deserve a statue or to have a public square named after them. 

My proposal is to remove the current statue of Sir George Carteret and place it in the Jersey Museum and replace it with a plaque detailing the reasoning behind the switch, and direct visitors to the location of the museum containing the original. 

By carefully recording and preserving the original monument and the story of its origin, and the historical context, no history is erased, and only education and knowledge are gained. The intent of removing this monument to a slave trader is simply choosing not to celebrate the painful legacy of his crimes against humanity, in the light of our contemporary context and for the good of the future citizens of Jersey, and in turn, the world.

The full history of slave trading and its importance to Jersey has not been fully addressed by the island and now is the time to discuss and reflect on our collective past. Now is the time to educate ourselves and make changes that positively impact the diverse and multicultural communities we now live in. 

In 2014, the statue of Sir George Carteret, a former Bailiff and Lt-Governor of Jersey, was unveiled to the public in the centre of St Peter. The Constable of the Parish, Mr John Refault, worked to have the statue erected, saying that Sir George should be recognised both “locally and nationally” as a “role model for youngsters”. Should we be talking about racist human-traffickers in such glowing terms in the 21st Century?

Trenton Square in Jersey is a public square that forms part of the Jersey International Finance Centre and has been named after the prominent slave owner and trader William Trent. The square was opened in September 2018 by the Treasury Minister, Susie Pinel, being named after New Jersey’s capital, Trenton. Simon Crowcroft, Constable of St.Helier is responsible for the naming of Trenton Square.

Lets put pressure on the Jersey states members Simon Crowcroft and Richard Vibert, to change both icons for good!

Ollie Taylor, a writer for the JEP has kindly let me use his words and research to start this petition.