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LAC says "Thanks, you helped"

Bill Robinson
Toronto, Canada

Aug 8, 2013 — Just after 2:30, I got a call from Fabien Lengellé, Director General of the Services Branch at LAC. My understanding is that Ancestry will keep their index behind a paywall for three years and then the LAC will make it freely available. Similar to arrangement. Also said that he had been at the table negotiating with them both and felt they were good deals. Apparently, he was the one that called CanadianGeneology yesterday. I'm sure others may not share his view, but he, too, seemed genuine. Nice chat. Even asked for my source re: the apparent charge of $72 for the 1940 National Register. [It may be that StatsCan charges ONLY $45 for this search.]
Now I can start looking through the images! My huge gratitude goes out to all of you.


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