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Nintendo Switch needs to be able to stream & have apps 4 it to be a truly portable device

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Was anyone else completely blown away by the switches reveal trailer and completely underwhelmed at the presentation after months of waiting?


Where is the internet browser?

Now is it just me or does having to carry around a tablet AND a tablet shaped gaming device with controllers seem that portable to you?

At least give us the option of a basic version and a plus version with a more beefed up User Interface. 

Considering the Nintendo Switch isn't going to fit in a normal jacket pocket do you want to have to think every morning 'will I play a game today? Do I need to take this with me today?' At least if you bring it with you and it can stream a film, play a saved movie file, listen to music, browse photos or read a book it makes this less of a decision to carry such a big device with you because you will most likely use it for something at some point in the day. Even if if its replying to an email on bus wifi on a bigger screen than a phones. Do you want to carry this and a tablet to do these things because that doesn't seem portable does it? Especially considering we will all be carrying battery packs as it is such a short battery as it is. 

Lets support their originality as loyal consumers and help guide them early on to gain others.

What was the point in marketing it to people in the 20s to 30s demographic if they don't understand what we want from a portable device.

Normally Nintendo markets to children and families so additional features over cost isn't that important for their consoles. However this demographic wants to carry around as little as possible and be able to do most standard things on a portable device. Sometimes we just want to watch Netflix in bed, can we seriously not do this with your portable device?

I can understand Nintendo is now pitching it as a a dedicated gaming device but if a phone company said we are making a dedicated cellular device for phone calls and texts NOBODY would buy it so why do we put up with this from Nintendo?


The 13 year old PSP can offer more in terms of other uses outside of gaming than the 2017 Nintendo switch

I love Nintendo and want The Switch to succeed but after 5 years the Wii u feels so dated and clunky and can do hardly anything considering you can sync smart phones with touch screens to its competitors. I am worried that Sony and Microsoft will imitate this amazing concept that Nintendo has innovated within the next couple of years leaving this console in the dust and abandoned by the third party developers.

When Microsoft announced the Xbox One the fans complained about the limitations the company wanted to make such as online only and download only titles. The company listened to these complaints and made changes. The console may not be number one but is still a much larger success than the Wii u.

Lets take that notion and change The Nintendo Switch now before its too late! 

Either upgrade your UI to offer more or offer this version as a standard edition and an optional plus version that offers extras such as apps, file saving capabilities and even bluetooth capabilities as wireless headphones are going to just get more common during your portable consoles lifespan.

How can you put the feeling of milking a cow before these basic things your target demographic wants Nintendo? Gimmick games like that get old but people keep old consoles just to use as blu ray players in other rooms etc, give us something that will last more than two years. Why can't we have your quirks and the basics on any of your consoles or at least a plus option?

Please sign and share if you want to see more from a large but almost appealing portable console.



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