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We humbly invite you to hear the story of Jefferson Elie, not through our voice but his own words coming from behind the prison walls where he is confined.
This past Sunday at 1:30pm here on The Real Prison Talk (via facebook), he spoke candidly on what occurred that fateful day where his life was changed forever. Jefferson was a kind hearted, family oriented young man at the age of 19 when he was sentenced to 50 years behind bars with no chance at parole nor the first time offender program being this was the first time he ever got into trouble.
Still even to this day Jefferson, known as "poetic" to those closest to him makes the choice to help, not hinder, to help educate and lead the young men around him to doing positive things with their own lives. He believes in accountability, but, he as well as so many believe that he deserves a second chance, especially now as the judicial system as a whole is being questioned to include occurrences of harsh sentencing that has exceeded provided guidelines when it comes to so many in this country.
Again we welcome you to become apart of his journey as we advocate for his return home. Also following his words, you will his mother and more of those close to him speak about their perspective of his story and the man he has become.
Please look at the post located below where it States Jefferson Elie speaks and hit the button that says interested and let us know you plan on attending.
Lastly we ask that whether you know him or not, please sign the petition, share his post and encourage others to hear the words of a man who is fighting for his freedom. We are asking the public to help aide us in raising awareness of his personal circumstances, while we advocate for his freedom. Any donation received will serve as his relief fund for advocacy and change.

The Real Prison Talk & The Family of Jefferson Elie