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Reduce Petrol/Diesel Prices

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Global oil prices are dropping fast. Petrol and Diesel prices in India are rising. Where is the money going? Sign my petition to demand an answer from the Petroleum Minister.

News reports show that there is no excuse for high fuel prices. The Government increased petrol and diesel taxes three times in the last three months to prevent retail price drops.

Who benefits from global price drops?

- The Government gets a lot more tax
- The Petroleum companies make more profits
- Middle men and petrol pump dealers make larger commissions  

Who does not benefit? The common, Indian citizen. We continue paying through our noses. Sign my petition to stop this injustice!

Increases in fuel prices impact the country’s economy and inflation. Everything that relies on transport is more expensive. Why is the Government exploiting the common man like this?

We are taxpaying citizens and we deserve an answer. If enough of us speak up, we can get the Government to respond to us and drop petrol and diesel prices.

Sign and share my petition with everyone you know.


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