We want reddit to quarantinte r/climateskeptics!

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The world is facing an existential threat - Climate crisis. As the average temperature keeps rising and the CO2 emissions are hitting records, humanity is facing more and more natural disasters, not to mention a set back on food production. If we don't change now, we may be facing the end of the world as we know it.

However, it seems that, no matter how much the temperatures keep rising, threatening our very ways of life. Some people just prefer to spread misinformation and dare challenging the reality we're likely to face more and more. That's the case with the subreddit r/climateskeptics. 

This community thoroughly speaks against humanity's best interests, ignoring the tragic costs this climate crisis will bring to us in all possible ways and making the world as bad as possible for our children. 

We must stop this atrocious propaganda! This is why we're asking reddit to quarantine, or even ban this community for the greater good!