Release Lori Anne Thompson from her NDA Regarding Ravi Zacharias

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Lori Anne Thompson was the first victim to come forward with claims of sexual abuse at the hands of Ravi Zacharias, a prominent Christian evangelist. Her bravery was met with hostility from Ravi, his organization (Ravi Zacharias International Ministries/RZIM), and swarms of Ravi’s loyal followers. Following horrific legal procedures, Lori was made to sign a non-disclosure agreement that prevented her from revealing the truth about Ravi’s sexual misconduct. Ravi later broke the agreement, made misleading statements about what happened, and slandered Lori’s character, knowing that she was not in a position to defend herself against him. His actions condemned her to years of public scrutiny and hostility as Ravi’s fans and colleagues painted her as a false accuser attempting to destroy the legacy of a “godly man”.

Ravi Zacharias died in 2020. He was mourned by his many followers as allegedly one of the greatest evangelists of all time. However, shortly after his death more victims came forward with claims of sexual abuse at his hands. RZIM hired a law firm to conduct an investigation into these and other claims. The investigation revealed that the claims were credible and that Ravi had a long history of sexual abuse and misconduct during his ministry. A full report is set to be released shortly. Lori was excluded from the investigation procedures, and Ravi’s family and organization refuse to release her from the NDA even though individuals affiliated with the organization have publicly apologized to her and others have publicly urged RZIM and the Zacharias estate to release her.

Sign this petition to urge RZIM and the Zacharias estate to let Lori out of her NDA so she can finally speak the truth and clear her name. It won’t undo everything she has endured, but it may help her obtain some closure and healing.