The NMC and it's subtle destruction of the nursing profession

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Nursing must have a regulator. They are vital to ensure our nursing profession is regulated properly to safeguard the public and nurses.
Many cases are being brought to NMC by employers who do not follow due process prior to the referral and use the referral system to the NMC as a way of managing "difficult" employees. Many of these employees have raised concerns or whistle blown in their workplace and instead of finding their concerns dealt with appropriately are referred to the NMC in order to silence them. The current systems leaves it wide open to abuse by vexatious managers or colleagues with a grudge. This needs to stop.
The NMC hearings are held in a pseudo-court-like setting which ill prepares the registrant for what they are about to endure.
There is rarely consistency in judgements and two panels may rule the same case completely differently, resulting in;
a, Conditions of Practice
b, Suspension
c, Striking off,

Registrants who deny charges often find themselves with heavier sanctions that those who accept them, which is discriminatory.
Nurses that have been struck off can appeal to the High Court within 28 days of judgement.
This is a costly process and one that many registrants can ill afford to make as they are unable to cope financially or emotionally
The NMC decisions affects nurses who have previously had no issues raised and unblemished careers, many for a number of decades.
The current process does not protect the either the public or the profession and is damaging to both.
We are constantly struggling to retain experienced nurses and midwives in our profession and should be ensuring these nurses with irreplaceable experience are not thrown away. Recent figures show up to 45% increase in nurses leaving the profession than joining it. The current Ftp process has resulted in nearly 10,000 registrants being removed from the register since 2008 and currently a registrant has a 1 in 20 chance of being struck off.

Most investigations by the NMC take approximately 12months, during which time registrants will have suffered emotionally, professionally, financially and psychologically. Many of them will choose to leave the profession. Most will practice in fear - always looking over their shoulder. For the NMC cases concluded within 15months are celebrated. There is nothing to celebrate a registrant losing their home and livelihood on the basis of a potential issue and no consolation at the end when there is no case to answer but they never feel confident to work as a nurse or midwife again..

We are carers - we need to be cared for. Instead many feel abandoned by a professional regulator who proclaims that its aim is to protect the public - we are indeed the public too and are not protected. FtP does nothing to protect the public

The current system creates fear and a lack of transparency as nurses are in fear of the regulator that is supposed to ensure the opposite. A process of luck and decent employer determines whether you are called in-front of the NMC. 

Duty of Candour, honesty and openness needs to apply to this process more than ever.

We need 100,000 signatures for this to be raised in Parliament
PLEASE sign and share and share and let's get it changed for the better as ultimately the only people who will suffer are our patients.

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