The NMC and it's subtle destruction of the nursing profession

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Nursing must have a regulator. However as we have seen in recent media coverage the current system is failing miserably. It is neither protecting the public or the registrants and ultimately is putting both group's lives at risk.
The current systems leaves it wide open to abuse by vexatious managers or colleagues with a grudge. Many registrants are referred on allegations that are not evidenced based and even if the NMC finds no case to answer at the end of their investigation the damage has already been done.

The NMC decisions affects nurses who have previously had no issues raised and unblemished careers, many for a number of decades.

The profession is struggling to retain experienced nurses and midwives. Recent figures show up to 45% increase in nurses leaving the profession than joining it. The current Ftp process has resulted in nearly 10,000 registrants being removed from the register since 2008 and currently a registrant has a 1 in 20 chance of being struck off. Many who go through the FtP leave the profession as a result.

In a small survey we conducted has found:

- 62% of respondents stated that their mental health was the most affected by referral to NMC
- 64% stated they did not know where to go for support

- 100% stated having difficulty sleeping
- 90 % stated poor self confidence
- 80% stated difficult trusting people
- 77% stated they had feelings of paranoia

More than half admitted to having some suicidal thoughts and all stated that they were never the same as prior to referral.

The current system creates fear and a lack of transparency as nurses are in fear of their regulator. A process of luck and decent employer determines whether you are called in-front of the NMC. 

Some moves have been made with the Morecambe Bay Investigation and the PSA report into it however so far nothing has changed in the process and daily between 30 & 80 registrants ( nurses and midwives ) undergo hearings at the NMC at a cost of £13,000 per case.

We need 100,000 signatures for this to be raised in Parliament and taken seriously as an issue affecting and destroying our profession.

PLEASE sign and share and share and let's get it changed for the better as ultimately the only people who will suffer are our patients.

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