11 June 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Patricia Daley

Two Black drama students ( Elizabeth and Jemima) of LANCASHire central University we’re suspended for whistleblowing on a racist incident on campus.  

The University course leaders told the two students they were suspend for ‘ bringing the organization in disrepute’. 

Education is a fundamental human right which has been violated by Lancashire University against these two students. We all have a right to education without our rights being infringed with discrimination or racial abuse. 

Educational racism is not a new experience. Over the past few years we have seen how racism is feed in educational settings and used a weapon to deter or damage the futures of young Black learners. 

Lancashire Central University like many have chosen to ignore a traumatic experience of two Black students. They have failed to safeguard them and ensure their learning environment is safe by allowing racial incidents to occur without redress.

Their response to suspend victims of direct/indirect racism, has sent a clear message that they do not stand in solidarity with all communities in their continued efforts in fighting racism. 

We will not tolerate our children being treated like offenders when they are victims.

We will not continue to be silenced by schools who display mediocre gestures, when they support racism. 

We will not allow our children to continue to be in harmful environments which refuse to take any accountable and destroy their futures. 

I therefore, ask that you stand with me and Elizabeth and Jemima against Racism. Our demands are that they are reinstated immediately and given the support for the harmful behaviour the university has shown. 

We ask that the REAL perpetrators are excluded immediately and issue an apology for all the BlacK students they have offended. 

Finally, we ask that LCU holds its self accountable and issues both students apologies and compensate them accordingly for the stress and mental trauma of being sanctioned for whistle blowing. 

If you stand up to racism, sign this petition today. 



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Signatures: 324Next Goal: 500
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