Support the Downs Housing Co Tenants - All 37 homes must be purchased by Qld State Gov

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The Qld state government, Deputy Premier and Minister Jackie Trad for DATSIP and Minister Mick de Brenni for Springwood for Housing and Public Works, thinks it's ok to stand by and allow 37 homes - THIRTY SEVEN HOMES! of long term Black housing in Toowoomba be sold because the housing company the tenants paid rent to has defaulted on mortgages. The auction is Feb 2 and the tenants were advised on Christmas Eve by phone and For Sale signs put up one week after Christmas.  Leases are said to be 'honoured' until April 30.

How many blackfulla's do you think live in or are connected to these 37 homes? Double or triple the average households right? It's not on and we're going to do something about it!

The tenants - MANY are ELDERS of Community or Disabled and are very long term tenants - up to 40 years are being told they have to move and with NO immediate solution or guarantee by Dept Housing. We all know the waiting list of public housing and here we have NO LEADERSHIP or CLEAR decision making to support mob when they most need it. Do the right thing Qld Labor!

We sign this petition in support of the families, demanding the State government purchase these homes at their earliest opportunity and allow all 37 households' tenants to stay. There is already a DISMAL shortage of community and public housing from a COMPLETE failure of housing policy and foresight from successive LNP and Labor state governments. All 37 homes need to be bought and relieve the stress, anxiety and unassurance for families. Why should these families be punished with eviction for the failings of governance, board and administrative issues?

Whats next? Please share this petition widely and ask family and friends to sign -

Lastly, we will be protesting loud and clear for these 37 homes on Jan 26 at the Invasion Day Meanjin March and I encourage you to have placards made in support of the Downs Housing Co tenants! Wherever you may be marching on Jan 26. 

The ongoing sad reality and irony - stolen land, people being removed from homelands, moved to missions and forced upon institutional reliance and NOW, in 2019 people are being evicted because the State government has no backbone to stand up and support vulnerable tenants.

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