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Haven't these big corporations and broken businesses such as the government already taken away enough of our individual rights, freedom of choice, freedom of movement, free speech and the ability to make informed decisions without being censored, deleted, blocked, penalised or physically harmed?

We will NEVER fly Qantas or Jetstar again if they try to impose mandatory vaccinations on its paying customers.

How does Alan Joyce think that he has the power to enforce a mandatory vaccine on ALL of his customers? A vaccine that has been developed in less than a year with NO evidence of long term side effects or health implications? A general vaccine that he expects EVERYONE to take before boarding his aircraft's. We, all of your PAYING members of the public, are made up of DIFFERENT health conditions, different brain health, different religions and we all hold different morals and views, yet he wants us to take the SAME vaccine?

Give us back our freedom to make decisions and give us back our freedom of movement.

We stand against the mandatory QANTAS vaccine and we stand against Alan Joyce.