Punish the shooter and prohibit the air gun for being freely sold. #74Bullets

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Today I saw the most heartbreaking picture in social media: an orangutan mother with 74 airsoft gun bullets all over her bodies, and her drooping to death baby when evacuated from a plantation in Subulussalam, Aceh, a province where I live.

Those pictures broke my heart and animal lovers. We’re all furious, because animal cruelty occurs repeatedly. This is the second shooting of orangutan in Aceh. And there are also cases happened in Kalimantan, where orangutan becomes the shooting target of irresponsible people.

I cannot imagine what were these people, who cast airsoft bullets all over the orangutan’s body, thinking. Can’t they see the baby who cries in fear? Where was their conscience when they did this? I don’t want the people of Indonesia to be a cruel person, who's ignorant about the lives of our endangered animals. We have to stop this animal cruelty.

Airsoft gun is a phantom to animals; birds, monkeys, deers, a weapon that wanders around and can be possessed by anyone. Even kids use it to shoot birds for fun. People can buy them freely and there’s no one overseeing its usage. People use it to hunt, or just to fool around.

I now know that HOPE, the name that is given by the saviour for the orangutan mother, is fighting in her critical time. Maybe we can’t save her baby, but ‘Hope’ is still fighting for her life. Through ‘Hope’ we convey these messages to the Head of the Indonesian Police Forces Tito Karnavian so there will be no more victim of animal cruelty.

We have to stop the free selling of airsoft gun, or any other equipment that endangers the lives of animals. Oversee its usage strictly. We demand the perpetrator to be severely punished, setting an example for others to not repeat the same mistake towards innocent animals.  

Please support and share this petition to stop the shooting being repeated.