Protect Cats from easy Killing that excludes World Heritage

Protect Cats from easy Killing that excludes World Heritage

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発信者:公益財団法人 どうぶつ基金 宛先:小泉新次郎 (環境大臣)


Japanese Government is about to kill around 1,000 stray cats, in Amami Oshima, southwest island of the country. The culling is rapid and meaningless mass slaughter, and will ruin the effort of World Heritage registration in reverse.


 We oppose to the killing for 3 reasons as follows.

 1. Rare species will never be protected by killing cats

Amami and its surrounding islands are candidates for World Natural Heritage. Because rare species such as Amami Rabbits and Okinawa Rails inhabit. Some researchers requested the Ministry of the Environment to consider the culling of the cats because they prey on the rare species.

  However, a survey conducted by the Ministry shows that the rabbits are increasing. And,  in 2016, all that can conclude the cause of death was a traffic accident in Amami Oshima.

Even if you kill dogs and cats, the problem will never be solved.

 2. There has been "Success Example”.

 On Tokunoshima island, next to Amami Oshima, Dobutsu Kikin, an incorporated public interest foundation, and three local governments conducted the trap-neuter-return (TNR) approach. Dobutsu Kikin means “Animal Fund” in Japanese.

 By the TNR, a preventive measure against breeding of cats, for about 2.5 years from Nov. 2014, around 3,000 cats (95% of the whole island)  became infertile, while Amami Rabbits increased.

 We are convinced that this Tokunoshima model can be applied to Amami Oshima and Okinawa..

 【From related News report】

  A staff of Tokunoshima local government  (60) said, "If so many cats are killed, the value of the world heritage will be gone." (Sankei News 2016.4.15)

 3. Easy slaughter is against UNESCO's philosophy.

   The philosophy of UNESCO, which registers the World Natural Heritage, is "respect for diversity", “Non-Exclusiveness" "to build peaceful bases in the minds of people".

  However, "to kill a large amount of cats for World Heritage registration" is not only meaningless, but also completely opposes the philosophy of UNESCO.


 We are convinced that the TNR activities that have been held at Tokunoshima in order to coexist with cats and Amami Rabbits have supported World Heritage registration in line with UNESCO's philosophy.

  If a massive killing of cats done in Amami Oshima, the international community certainly will condemn Japanese Government and the registration application must be rejected. That way, the past efforts that local municipalities and animal fund have been advancing will be completely spoiled

  NPO corporation Goal Zero, Hope to Life Team ZERO、Yamaguchi Veterinary Medicine Hospital, etc.

 Submission of the signature:

 Minister of the Environment, UNESCO, Top of Local governments including  Okinawa, Kagoshima Prefecture.

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