Prosecute the killers and accomplices in Bamise's kidnapping and death

Prosecute the killers and accomplices in Bamise's kidnapping and death

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Moyosore Onigbanjo SAN (Attorney General of Lagos) and

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Started by Pelumi Abegunde

We the family of late Bamise Ayanwola, who died on the 26th February 2022 after she was kidnapped in a BRT bus by the driver in the person of Nice Andrew Omininikoron and some other accomplices presently at large; is calling on the Lagos State Judiciary and the Lagos State Police Command to deliver justice in this matter.

Our sister suffered so much in the hands of her kidnappers. Having carefully studied the pictures taken by eyewitnesses and further seeing her corpse at the morgue, it is of our belief that she went through traumatic torture not forgetting that she was also gang-raped before they (the ritualists) finally carried out their primary assignment which is to kill her and make away with her blood samples and panties. We want JUSTICE without any cover-up whatsoever from the powers that be in government. 

Furthermore, our daughter and sister is gone but we want justice in her name, that is the only compensation and real definition of JUSTICE and we want to ensure that other women are not killed by ritualists in their prime.


(i) Proper investigation into this matter without government interference or cover-up. 

(ii) Bringing everyone involved in Bamise's untimely death to book no matter how big or small the person is.

(iii) We also as a family want Nigerians both home and in the diaspora to help us with prayers as they have been doing from the beginning of this case.

(iv) The security personnel at LBSL office and BRT Bus Terminal 3 that treated us like louts and took us for granted even after showing them the overwhelming evidence we brought before them should be punished for delaying justice in one way or the other.

(v) The Police Stations and the Officers that initially took us for granted even after also showing them evidence that would have prompted the quick arrest of the driver but rather than them going into action they also took treated us like louts as well who had no case and they by delaying the driver's (Nice Andrew Omininikoron) arrest too should be punished in one way or the other so they will understand what valuing life means. 



7,601 have signed. Let’s get to 10,000!