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Petitioning Secretary, Department of Trade and Industry Secretary Gregory L. Domingo and 9 others

Prosecute HWANGS Organizers and Philip Morris Cigarette for a negligent drinking contest that killed my brother Niño

Last April 7, my brother died at an event illegally sponsored by Phillip Morris Tobacco Corporation. He was 29 years old.

The game Phillip Morris played with my brother's life was this: they encouraged people to drink as many liquor shots as possible in 100 seconds. There was no medic on standby.

When his friends realised he was ill, they tried to ask for help but no immediate assistance has been given to them from the people they were expecting it the most. It was too late -- he was pronounced dead on arrival at the nearby clinic.

A police investigation into my brother's death says that it "was caused by lapses and negligence in the party of the organisers as evident in the aftermath of the event". Yet the people responsible for his death are still employed, no criminal charges have been laid, and Philip Morris continue to engage in illegal promotional activities.

I miss my brother every day. His widow will give birth to their first baby in a few months time, and I can't believe that he won't be there with us to celebrate.

Please join me in demanding the organizers are brought behind bars, and Kuya Nino, his widow, and unborn child will be given justice. 

Letter to
Secretary, Department of Trade and Industry Secretary Gregory L. Domingo
Philippine Government Office of the President
PNP Chief PDG Nicanor Bartolome
and 7 others
PNP CIDG Chief PD Samuel Pagdilao
PNP Chief PDG Nicanor Bartolome
Philip Morris Fortune Tobacco Corporation, Inc.
Mayor, Municipality of Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro Mayor Hubbert Dolor
Secretary, Department of Tourism Secretary Ramon R. Jimenez
Representative, Inter-Agency Committee on Tobacco Victorio Mario A. Dimagiba
Secretary, Department of Health Secretary Enrique T. Ona (Secretary, Department of Health)
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Tobacco Industry and Philippine Government.


TOBACCO INDUSTRY GREED KILLED 29y/o Niño Maralit, husband to a 5 month-pregnant widow and breadwinner to 4 younger siblings.

Let us demand justice for this wrongful death caused by the mechanics of a Philip Morris promotional activity that is FUNDAMENTALLY DESIGNED TO KILL, as if they are still unsatisfied with the 240 Filipinos their business kills daily. With a company as powerful as theirs, there is no telling how many more stories there are like Niño's.

Together, let us end wrongful deaths caused by the tobacco industry.



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