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Progressive Enterprises Ltd and Foodstuffs Ltd (New Zealand): Introduce a 10 cent plastic bag levy across all your major supermarket brands


Plastic is ubiquitous. It is used to package and hold our food and drink. Plastic bags are used routinely for groceries and other forms of shopping. Plastic bags are commonly used as a disposable item and are highly likely to be discarded after an initial use.

Plastic bags can take up to 1000 years to breakdown yet Zealand’s total plastic bag consumption is up to an estimated 1.4 billion plastic shopping bags per year. Much of this plastic can end up in our environment causing negative impacts on wildlife, livestock, and marine life. There is also the aesthetic disruption on our beautiful land and coastline. The impacts of our plastic use contribute to the increased demand on the worlds decreasing petroleum resources, and cost us millions in clean up costs every year. They can even end up in the food chain and find their way back to us.

You can help make a difference by letting the owners of the major supermarket brands in New Zealand know that use of plastic shopping bags should be actively reduced by introducing a levy when used at checkouts.

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Letter to
Progressive Enterprises Ltd
Foodstuffs Ltd
Introduce a minimum 10 cent plastic bag levy across all your major supermarket brands including New World, Pak n Save, Four Square and Countdown.

I would like your company to take the lead in corporate and environmental responsibility by actively encouraging your customers to reduce their use of plastic bags at the checkout. I would like you to introduce a plastic bag levy of 10 cents across all your major supermarket brands.

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