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Zweiter Brief an das Nobelkomitee über Ungereimtheiten beim LIGO-Experiment

Jocelyne Lopez

Jan 22, 2017 — Die Ungereimtheiten über das LIGO-Experiment zur Entdeckung von Gravitationswellen wurden im letzten Jahr nicht beseitigt. Im Gegenteil: Das Eichpapier (arXiv:1602.03838v1 [gr-qc] 11 Feb 2016) welches im 'discovery' Papier (PRL 116, 061102 (2016)) als Ref. [63] zitiert wurde und den Nachweis für die experimentelle Machbarkeit der äußerst delikaten Messung von Gravitationswellen erbringen sollte, wurde bis heute nicht in einer referierten Zeitschrift offiziell veröffentlicht. Die co-Autoren Prof. Bruce Allen und Prof. Karsten Danzmann, Direktoren am Einstein-Institut, haben den E-Print des "calibration papers" nicht in ihre Veröffentlichungsliste bei ResearchGate aufgenommen. Das Nobelkomitee wurde über diese Umstände in einem zweiten Offenen Brief informiert:


Second Open Letter to the Nobel Committee for Physics

The uncertainties concerning LIGO's alleged discovery of the gravitational wave GW150914 (PRL 116, 061102 (2016)) have not been removed during the past year. The calibration e-print arXiv:1602.03838v1 [gr-qc] 11 Feb 2016 was not published in a peer reviewed journal, and is not listed among the RG contributions of two prominent co-autthors: Prof. B. Allen and Prof. K. Danzmann, directors at the German Einstein-Institut. Without published experimental evidence of LIGO's ability to measure 10^(-18) m displacement of heavy mirrors in relation to 4 km interferometer arm length (hairbreadth in relation to 4 lightyears) one cannot claim a 'discovery'. The Nobel committee is surely aware of these Facts:

To Professor Nils Mårtensson (chairman),
nils.martensson, info

Dear Professor Mårtensson,

you are certainly aware of the Open Letter to the Nobel Committee for Physics 2016: Unfortunately, the uncertainties concerning the LIGO experiment have not been removed during the past year. On the contrary, neither an event of similar magnitude as GW150914 was detected, nor was the calibration paper arXiv:1602.03838v1 [gr-qc] 11 Feb 2016 published in a peer reviewed journal. The co-authors Prof. Bruce Allen and Prof. Karsten Danzmann do not even list this e-print among their publications in ResearchGate, although this report was cited in reference [63] of PRL 116, 061102 (2016) as an integral part of the ‘discovery’. There is no doubt, without proving experimentally LIGO’s ability to measure 10 oscillations of heavy mirrors with an amplitude of one thousandth of a proton radius within 200 milliseconds as allegedly induced by GW150914 one cannot claim any discovery.

Nevertheless, some authors of the ‘discovery paper’ PRL 116, 061102 (2016) express in the media their expectation that LIGO must be awarded a Nobel Prize in 2017. I am sure, your Committee will not comply with these unfounded and unreasonable requests until a solid experimental proof of a real discovery of the hypothetical gravitational waves has been published.

Yours sincerely,
Wolfgang Engelhardt

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