End social, legal bias against men in India

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Government of India, despite constant lobbying by Indian Men's Rights Activists for a gender bias (against men) free India, you are callously and conveniently ignoring everything!!

Indian laws related to Rape, Molestation, Sexual Harassment, Domestic Violence all are still ridiculous, archaic, condemnable, grossly one sided and utterly Anti-Male; violating Articles 14, 19 and 21 of the constitution. Just to be in the good eyes of anti-male section of the society, the Govt of  India give excessive weigh on sub-article 15(3) of the constitution and pass lopsided, anti-men legislation and Govt policies back to back.

The society is also highly biased against men. See, Indian media divulge all possible detail of men, the moment they get accused of Rape or Sexual harassment. Thus accused men are demeaned in the society by the media, long before they are proven actual guilty by courts of law. On the other hand, the same media never disclose even names of of women, who's rape/sexual harassment claims have been proven false beyond doubt or the women who have been convicted under POCSO Act for pedophile activities; despite no restrictions from the Press council of India on disclosing false rape accuser women's names!!! Why this bias???

In latest Criminal Law Amendment 2018, the Indian Govt passed death penalty for male pedophiles preying on girls below 12.  We all know that POCSO Act is only gender neutral sexual crime law in India, that protects children of any gender from predators of either gender. And no Indian Penal Code categorically says that women can't be executed. In this scenario why possible female sex predators preying on children below 12 are kept out of the nooses as far as the said amendment is concerned?? Furthermore, why this amendment has been amalgamated to one sided, anti-male IPC 376 toppling gender neutrality in POCSO Act?? Why boy children below 12, who may be possible victims of pedophiles of either gender are kept out of the ambit of the amendment?? Why should in India there be lenient and softer attitudes to female criminals of same gravity?? If provisions of death penalty prevails in India, with no IPC specifically barring execution of women and many other nations where death penalty prevails / prevailed have history of women criminals executed, why India always fails to execute women criminals till date?? For which sentiment?? Why execution in India is reserved for male criminals only from time immemorial till date??       

In Indian Misandry infected society, women public figures and some self proclaimed celebrities easily get away with ignominious comments on male gender such as :- "All Violence Are Male Generated" ; "Boys are rejected maals" ; "hubby means HIV hazard" ; "Indian males are ugliest of species" ; "I don't need a guy for anything except for children" (Google the quotes for detail) . There is no national commission for men to make such commentator women to publicly apologize!!! One narrow minded woman has mocked, humiliated a fat man on social media by body shaming him. Why should such women get scot free??? because India don't have ministry for boys and men and a national commission for men. Shame!!!  



All such bias against men in Indian society are fatal to the country's social harmony. So before further damage, the Govt of India must wake up and amend constitution accordingly to create a gender bias (anti-male bias) free society. Create separate Ministry for Men and Boys Welfare and National Commission for Men in India at a par with M/o WCD and NCW, so that men's issues are properly addressed and redressed.

At the same time, it time for world leaders to wake up and form on UN_Men to project men's issues world wide. 

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