PM: Ban Cancer-Causing Herbicide Glyphosate and Save Us All

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PM: Ban Cancer-Causing Herbicide Glyphosate and Save Us All

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10 deaths. Over 3-4 years. In a small village in Baghpat district of Uttar Pradesh that no one outside had heard of. The deaths were treated as a natural until a peculiar pattern began to be noticed.

All the victims had complained of a lump in their neck or other body parts. The lump was later diagnosed as cancer.

Sadly it took more such deaths before the farming village realised all the victims had been exposed to Glyphosate, a herbicide sold under the name of RoundUp or Glycel. It is used on tea plantations, in rice fields and to grow fruits like banana and pineapple. It is now also commonly being used in home gardens.

As it turns out this weedkiller is killing more than weeds. It is killing human beings who come in contact with it. Not just in Uttar Pradesh, but in every state and country around the world.

In 2015 when the World Health Organisation first confirmed that Glyphosate does indeed cause cancer, non-Hodgkin lymphoma as well as DNA and chromosomal damage.

Immediately many countries banned it on an emergency basis. In mid-May in the US, a court ordered the RoundUp manufacturing company Bayer-Monsanto to pay 2 billion dollars  (approximately Rs. 14000 crores) to a couple who had suffered from cancer after using their herbicide).

In India, Punjab took the lead by banning Glyphosate in 2018. Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana followed suit. Maharashtra is also planning to ban it. But a nationwide ban is still not in place.

That’s because the majority of us Indians, particularly our farmers don’t know about the deadly risk of using Glyphosate. That is why I have started this petition asking the Prime Minister to immediately ban Glyphosate and all its forms to save lives. I am trying to build public awareness on this issue. Sign my petition and help me spread the word.

We need to act urgently because pesticide companies are taking advantage of our ignorance. They are sending their agents to approach farmers directly and trap them attractive promotional offers. Farmers get lured because they are told this herbicide is a cost-effective method to kill weeds quickly. What they are not told is the health hazard and risk to their lives.

Our Prime Minister cares about farmers and food security. Let’s ask him to ban Glyphosate immediately before it is too late.

Sign and share my petition today. #BanGlyphosateInIndia