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Italian government grant Ethiopian Asylum Seekers a legal refugee status unconditionally

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Worldwide Ethiopian Refugees’ Rights Advocate Group USA (WWERRAGUSA)
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Our organization is 35 years old, the first & only self-help Ethiopian refugees and human rights advocate Group assisting Ethiopian refugees Worldwide. 

 August 25, 2017 Dallas, Texas USA

We condemned the Italian Police killing, beating and using water cannon against the peaceful Ethiopian and Eritrean Refugees in Rome on August 24, 20017.

We are asking Italian Government/Immigration, to stop killing, beating, deporting and discriminating Ethiopian Asylum Seekers. We the internationally recognized human rights activists, Ethiopia and Ethiopian-Americans and the peace loving people from around the Globe, are asking you to grant Ethiopian Asylum Seekers a legal refugee status unconditionally and accordingly. And free (release) all Ethiopian refugees from the so called Detention (jail) and Emergency Centers immediately. 

With international media and human rights organizations, our organization have received from Rome, a list of names and ID # of Ethiopian refugees in prisons and centers, and according the list as evidences, some of the Ethiopians asylum seekers have been living in Italy, for more than a decade, because of negative decisions. This means, they were neither granted a refugee status nor a provisional permit. The least the Federal Office for Migration of Italy could have done was to grant a provisional permit to Ethiopian asylum seekers at least to fulfill the requirements for it. Based on our investigation and fact finding, the harsh treatments that the Ethiopian asylum seekers are receiving in Italy is beyond ones imagination. It is just unbelievable. 

The Italian Asylum Act recognizes the basic principle of the Geneva Convention of 1951 relating to the status of refugees. The article 3 of the Asylum Act reads as follows:  “Refugees are foreigners who in their native country or in the country of last residence are subject to or have a well-founded fear of serious disadvantages because of their race, ethnicity, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion. Considered as serious disadvantage are viz. a threat to life, physical integrity or freedom as well as measures exerting an unbearable psychological pressure. 

Petition campaign organizer: Yeharerwerk Gashaw, founder of WWERRAGUSA, Actress, the First Ethiopian International Model, Human Rights Activists and Pan-Africanist Advocate. 

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