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Petitioning President of the People's Republic of China Xi Jinping - 习近平 and 1 other

President Xi Jinping - 习近平 and 李克强 (Premier Li Keqiang), Stop the dog & cat meat market in China

We might be just normal citizens you and us but with all our voices, we can make a big change !

Time is running and we must do something in China before the end of 2014.

We are currently working with many volunteers to ban the cruel meat and fur dogs and cats traffic in the city of Jianyang in Sichuan Province, the biggest dog killing city.

Here they steal dogs from owners on the streets and kill them every day by hanging them from the neck to the ceiling until they can not breath anymore and die in vain after 7 long minutes of suffocation.

With their sinful industry, chain extend to every city in China. Every day they transport living and half dead dogs to Guangdong, Guangxi, Hebei, Jilin Province and the whole north eastern part of China, and supply for the “Huajiang Dog Meat Restaurants

"Their organization is very powerful exactly like a Chinese mafia. Large number of dogs around Sichuan Province is stolen by them, and every day there are desperate owners both old and young coming to Jianyang city, (The Living Hell city) looking for their lovely missing dogs but they never find them.

“It' s not possible to bear the pain, watching thousands of dogs crushed in a metal cages with the begging eyes, and those who are already killed brutally!”

Few weeks ago, a professor from Sichuan University fainted in front of the cage and cried for his dog to come back but never found him!

Jianyang city is known everywhere across china for its brutal treatment of dogs, even the media interviewed and reported many times about the inhumane activities going on in here every day, but until recently, no organization or individual dare to stand out and put a stop to this situation, not even the government !

We are not activist, we are simple people just like you who can not accept this situation anymore but without help from local people and from other countries' people, we wont be able to stop this.

Please help our organization by sharing this petition over the web (facebook, youtube, blogs, newspaper, radio, tv,,, emails) and donation helps a lot as well (money to hire an attorney, food, equipments, dogs/cats medicine, vehicle, water, clothes, wood the heat the place, money for gas and neuter dogs and cats), we will do everything possible to end this with your help.

CNN even made an article about this, we are all involving ourself since 3 years.

ps.: If you want to ship supply or any kind of equipment, please contact me and i will provide you an address for the shipment.

Letter to
President of the People's Republic of China Xi Jinping - 习近平
Premier of the People's Republic of China Premier Li Keqiang - 李克强

Please, make the dog and cat meat market and fur traffic illegal in your country, China.

Western countries and even your own citizens of China keep begging you to establish new laws since so many years but nothing changed.

90% of Chinese citizens are against the dogs & cats meat market and the "animals skinned alive" fur traffic but they fear to face your government, that is why this petition.

With these laws, number of stray dogs will decrease on streets, animals adoption will increase, risk of virus contamination such as the SARS and other infectious virus will be prevented. The suffer of these animals must stop before its too late.

We ask you to establish these laws:

1. Abolish the law that allow Chinese people to beat 40 cm and over stray dogs to death

2. Dogs and cats kidnapping from owner should be illegal

3. Dog and cat's farm should be illegal

4. Raise dogs and cat should be illegal

5. Selling dogs and cats from store should be illegal, people must go to adoption center

6. Selling dogs and cats meat in restaurant should be illegal

7. Dogs and cats meat market should be illegal

8. Beating animals in any manner should be illegal

9. killing dogs and cats by hanging them to the ceiling should be illegal (suffocation)

10. Poison animals should be illegal

11. Shelter with poor condition should be close

12. Stray animals should be brought to shelters

13. Shelter must be verified by a legal organization

14. A center with phone number must be available to public to call in case of a animal cruelty case

15. Advertising any kind of dogs and cat's meat ads should be illegal

16. Restaurant's banner and menu should not have the right to advertise dogs and cats meat

17. All dogs and cats should be neutered to prevent over population

18. Skinned animals ALIVE should be illegal

Sentence for arrested citizens:
1. Any cruel act against animals should be reported to police
2. People who fails in these laws above should go to jail for at least 1 year or pay a very expensive fine.

Mr. President Xi Jinping (习近平), consider this request, its a people's voice from around the world.

We thank you for your time,

AGORG, Mr Aebu, Tian Shao, Peter J. Li, Xu Huiqiang, ActAsia

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