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The new image of Bandung Zoo?

P Holmes
United States

Dec 15, 2017 — Hello!
I am sorry to tell you that I have requested to disable the comments feature as Sybelle Foxcroft of Cee4Life and her Bandung Zoo supporters, Briony Wolf and Celia Athumani have been wreaking havoc on the petition updates, with slander and lies. It has been a while since my last update…so this update is a very long one.

1) The inauguration/grand opening of the Bandung Zoo elephants’ enclosure was reported by Indonesia MetroTV news on November 18th 2017 with the headlines, “The new Image of Bandung Zoo”

The news report said that warning was given to Bandung Zoo when Yani the endangered Sumatran elephant died in May 2016. It also talked about

* The inauguration of the elephants’ enclosure.

* The release of 40 Javan Mynas (Acridotheres javanicus).

* The naming of a baby orangutan (Cinta Lestari, Ciles for short) and a baby tapir.

* A bathing pool made for the elephants and that food is now being washed before being fed to the elephants. They also said that the death of Yani had been a lesson for the Bandung Zoo management who will now make the zoo more comfortable for the animals.

* In the news video, the elephant enclosure is not completed as a section of the old roof is missing and has yet to be replaced. Also, the pool has always been there!

* Javan Mynas are listed as the least concern in terms of being endangered by

* Shortly after Yani’s passing in May 2016, a necropsy carried out by PDHI (Indonesian Veterinarian Association) revealed nodules and severe inflammation in her heart, lungs and spleen. A preliminary cause of death of pneumonia was given. In Sept 2016, the Head of Natural Resources Conservation Center (BBKSDA) West Java informed the Indonesian media that laboratory results of Yani’s organs confirmed that “Yani's death was due to infection in several of her vital organs - her lungs, heart and kidneys, not TB as originally feared. She also said, “"From the results of the laboratory report there are a number of factors causing Yani elephant pain, including negligence of manager," Bandung Zoo was given 30 days to improve the enclosure of their animals by BKSD.


· * Bull hooks are still being used and the poor elephants are still being chained whilst they wait to be ridden by visitors.

· * Despite recommendations being made by Wild Welfare, there has been little improvements made to the sun bears enclosures. There are two sun bears enclosures. Here is a video of the second enclosure, taken in March 2016 by a visitor

When it rains this second enclosure is flooded and when it is dry, the drinking receptacle is bone dry. Please watch from 2.45 minutes marker. It is heartbreaking beyond words. According to Cee4Life, Bandung Zoo love the animals in their this is how they treasure and love their endangered sun bears?

2) Rather than improving the quality of life and care for existing animals, it appears that Bandung Zoo is more concerned with breeding them under the guise of conservation

In 2017

* May 3rd male - Timor deer was born by Warsih with an anonymous stud.

* May 25th - a pelican of unknown gender was hatched out of 2 eggs.

* June 25th - Two Bengal tiger cubs, a male and female were born.

* July 11th - Two female binturongs. (10days later babies were taken from mother and hand reared).

* July 28th - male tapir born. Sponsors are being solicited for this tapir.

* Sept 23rd - female orangutan born (Nov 22nd 2017, Mayor's wife became foster parent/sponsor to Ciles)

It appears that the babies born in captivity are being exploited to gin up foot traffic for the zoo. The Mayor of Bandung told MetroNews on November 18th 2017 that he is "proud of the development of Bandung Zoo and the birth of the baby Orangutan and hope that the baby Orangutan is able to attract the attention of the public to visit.”

* August 3rd 2017, Bandung Zoo officials informed the Indonesian news media that the Bengal cubs born on June 25th 2017 were a result of a 3 years breeding program with Maharani Zoo. They will be taking care of the cubs for 3 years, after which one of the cubs would be returned to Maharani Zoo. They also said that the cubs would be breast fed for up to 2 months and can be separated from their mother after that period Sponsors were being solicited to provide milk and food for the cubs for 1 year.

* On Aug 11th 2017, Cee4Life announced via their facebook page the cubs were rejected by their mother. What I find most interesting is, according to Cee4Life, the female Bengal tiger (Syla/Sila) on loan from Maharani Zoo for the breeding program was diagnosed as "9 years old and was diagnosed with being highly unlikely of being able to conceive."

* Selfies with the cubs and pictures of the cubs kept inside a small cage without access to water can be found posted by visitors to Bandung Zoo on facebook pages generated automatically by facebook. The Surabaya Bonbin appears to be setup by Surabaya Zoo themselves and appear to have a few cross post of Bandung zoo stories (they are not fake sites as claimed by Sybelle Foxcroft)

* There are several videos taken and posted by Cee4Life where the 2 Bengal tiger cubs were being leash walk with solid chains around their necks (any tiger expert will tell you that a leather collar should have been used on these cubs). One of the videos showed a keeper pulling at the cub’s tail. The Cauda Equina nerves is a bundle of spinal nerves and spinal nerve rootlets that exit from the spinal cord into the tail of the tiger, pulling a tiger’s tail can cause serious neurological damage if these nerves are stretched or torn. Here is a FB blog that I have commented on many occasions. It is a one stop place for many selfies of the tiger cubs of Bandung Zoo

* As a result of the “success” of big cats breeding, Bandung Zoo announced that they intend to breed their leopards next

* Bandung Zoo Official also said that the orangutan baby had been taken away from her mother because she did not have the experience to raise her baby.

Some background information about Bandung Zoo

*** 2011 - Bandung zoo PR officer denied Orangutan’s abuse

*** 2014 - Bandung Zoo broke Regulation No. 7/1999 on the preservation of flora and fauna, forcing a female Sumatran tiger Wage, to breed with her offspring, Meilino. Sybelle Foxcroft has also stated that Bandung Zoo is not breeding big cats!

*** May 2016 – Shortly after death of Yani the Sumatran elephant, it was revealed through the Mayor’s office that Bandung Zoo which is privately run by Tamansari Margasatwa Foundation has been delinquent in their rent payment to the city government since 2007. Bandung City Government confirmed that the land of Bandung Zoo (14 hectares) is owned by the City Government with evidence of seal letter (deed of sale and purchase of land) of 13 owners of the land. Mr Emil Ridwan Kamil said that he has been trying to engage
the zoo since becoming Mayor in 2013 regarding the land lease dispute. According to him, Bandung Zoo continues to avoid paying rent under the pretext of having no lease agreement with the local government. The Mayor said he does not see any goodwill from the Tamansari Wildlife Foundation to settle the land lease debt.

As of 2013, Bandung Zoo is reported to owe Bandung City government Rp 2.4 billion in rent.

The Bandung Zoo PR denied invitation from the Mayor's office to discuss this matter

*** November 2016 - Ongoing investigation into the illegal sales of preserved animals from Bandung and Garut Zoos
Sumatran Tigers, forest cats, sun bears, turtles, birds of paradise, deer, and other endangered species, a total of 38 species were confiscated and destroyed by West Java Police Chief Inspector General, Head of BKSDA West Java, Deputy Mayor, and a number of invited guests. The two suspects were zoo officers from Bandung and Garut Zoos.

[Promoting endangered species both in life and death conditions violates Article 21 paragraph (2) letter b and d Jo Article 40 paragraph (2) of Law No. 5 of 1990 on Conservation of Biological Natural Resources and Ecosystem and subjected to a maximum imprisonment of five years and a maximum fine of Rp 100 million]

The deaths of endangered species must be reported to the Center for Natural Resources Conservation (BBKSDA) Thus far there has been no documentation of these deaths associated to these confiscated preserved animals. Police investigators will be looking into the animal death records from Bandung and Garut (Cikembulan Animal Park) zoos.

The Bandung Zoo PR officer denied that the management of Bandung Zoo was supplying or selling dead animals. He claimed that the zoo management had entrusted a number of dead animals for preserving and that these preserved animals will be used for diorama and props for education purposes. He claimed that the zoo never got the preserved animals back and does not remember the species of animals sent out to be preserved nor the amount the zoo paid for the taxidermy service.

*** November 2016 – a visitor’s video showing Ozone the orangutan in Bandung Zoo smoking

ON A POSITIVE NOTE, please go to this gofundme link of Rebecca for some GOOD NEWS to read about Scorpion Wildlife Trade and Monitoring Group award

I was asked by Indonesia Animal Welfare Society to share their petition. This local NGO is fighting hard for the Animals of Indonesia, please help them and the animals by signing and sharing their petition

Thanks as always for giving your voice to the Animals of Indonesia.
~P Holmes

Boycott Bandung Zoo, boycott all zoos. If we do not visit them, they will be forced to go out of business.

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