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What is happening in Bandung Zoo, Part 2

P Holmes
United States

Oct 10, 2017 — Hello!

Here is Part 2 from Rebecca's GFM campaign but I would like to say a few words...

1) I had often wondered what happened to Yani’s baby…Yamon and posted my thoughts as an update. Sybelle Foxcroft who had been stalking my petition updates then updated her followers that Yamon is fine and loved and lives in Taman Safari, Bogor. She also posted several videos of him and when someone challenged her that Yamon had a bull hook/ankus pressed against his head, she denied it (I have the picture to prove that it was a bullhook). She said, it was a stick and that Yamon had not gone through Phajaan. If he didn't go through Phajaan, why the bull hook? Note: Taman Safari has been offering elephant rides since 2012 taking tourists to explore their vast grounds. They also own a travelling dolphin circus.

2) Sybelle Foxcroft also claimed that the Bandung Zoo owner fell ill and the zoo fell on hard times, but the animals are much loved… I was sent a video of Sybelle promoting the Bandung zoo owner’s son. In that video, he said he had been studying animal welfare and ethics since 2011. So, where was he, when Yani was shackled and laid on the ground for over a week before she finally took her last breath and died a horrible and unnecessary death? BTW, Bandung Zoo has hiked up their ticket fees.

3) Sybelle also claimed that she got Bandung Zoo to remove the chair off the elephants during the elephant rides. I have seen older picture of elephants in Bandung Zoo being ridden bare back (pictures taken by tourists). You can also see in this investigative video of what appears to be some scars on the poor elephant's forehead which is caused by repeatedly being hit on the head with the bull hook.

4) Lastly, it was brought to my attention that another elephant called, Bita, died in Sept 2017 in Bukit Tinggi Zoo. There is little publicity about her death apart from this little news article I found Very sad indeed.

Thanks as always for giving your voices to animals and caring about them. ~P Holmes.

@@@Here is the cut and paste from Rebecca's GFM campaign...@@@

Update 48
Posted by Rebecca A. Rodriguez
28 mins ago

What’s Happening at the Bandung Zoo - Part II

The Elephants

In 2016, as the Sun Bears slowly starved, an elephant named Yani died a miserable death at Bandung Zoo. She was an endangered Sumatran Elephant and her death could have been prevented, if only the zoo had provided proper care.

Roll ahead to 2017 where international attention about the starving Sun Bears put Bandung Zoo and their terrible practices, in the spotlight. CEE4Life, an NGO out of Australia, stepped up to the plate to “help” the animals.

But things weren't quite what they seem.

Sybelle Foxcroft, the founder and director of CEE4Life, has a dicey history in Indonesian and ties to the zoo association and zoo / safari park owners who have been accused of abuse and cruelty.

Over the past several months, CEE4Life and Sybelle Foxcroft have made numerous claims of progress at the zoo, especially in relation to the elephants. Salma and Ira were regularly chained, used for rides everyday and subjected to handling with a bullhook.

On September 18, 2017 CEE4Life, posted a statement on their website claiming the elephants had been unchained and that the “bullhook had been put aside and only available under emergency situations.”

Our investigation found something very different. (see video)

Things need to change. People need to be held accountable. The zoos in Indonesia need to be regulated. The government needs to enforce their own laws, adopt new legislation to protect animals and address the illegal wildlife trade. And CEE4Life, needs to get back in there and start living up to their mission statement of “aiding special animals at risk of neglect, threat or abuse”. Right now, they are more a part of the problem than of the solution.

Everyone needs to do better!

A CALL TO ACTION coming very, very soon.

Please continue to support and share my campaign. We have a long road ahead of us.

Thank you for caring about the animals of Indonesia and for sticking with me.

Part III will answer a collection of questions and provide additional information.


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