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Bandung Zoo Sun Bears Update, Part 1

P Holmes
United States

Oct 9, 2017 — Hello!

I know everyone has been asking how the sun bears in Bandung Zoo are doing ... rest assured, I have not forgotten about them.


Here is a cut and paste update (Part 1) from Rebecca's Gofundme regarding the sun bears in Bandung zoo.

The video is very distressing to watch. We must keep the pressure on for the poor animals. Thank you for caring about the animals and for your support.
~P Holmes


Update 47

Posted by Rebecca A. Rodriguez

48 mins ago
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Part I

One Animal World acquired undercover footage of the Sun Bears at Bandung Zoo earlier this month (10/17). Our goal was to examine the current conditions and to confirm the claims made by the zoo's nonprofit partner CEE4Life.

Here is what we found...

1. The Sun Bears appear to have put on weight. It’s clear that they are being offered more food but we were unable to confirm their exact diet, the amount they are being fed or how often.
2. Kardit, the old bear that was so terribly thin in the original video, looks better but appears to still be a little underweight. In addition, he seems to have new scars on his back, legs and neck, not seen in the video published by SWTMG in 2016.
3. The female Sun Bear appears to have something wrong with her left eye.
4. The bears are still begging for food and this, as seen in various social media photos and videos posted by CEE4Life, is being encouraged by Sybelle Foxcroft of CEE4Life and zoo personnel.
5. The zoo managers have failed to keep visitors from throwing junk food to the bears.
6. The bears are fighting with one another.
7. There is still no proper enrichment for the animals and their habitat is a DISASTER.
8. There does not appear to be clean drinking water available to the bears.
9. CEE4Life was apparently making “plans” in June 2017 to upgrade the Sun Bears enclosure and on their website as of 10/9/2017 they state…”Work on the new enclosures for the sun-bears of Bandung Zoological Gardens (BZG) has now started with hopes for a finish date of early November 2017, all going well.” Just a week ago, we did NOT find any evidence of any type of “work” being done on the bear enclosures.


In my opinion, the zoo continues to be managed by people who are either unwilling or unable to care for the animals properly. Animals have died at this zoo because of neglect. Animals have suffered at this zoo because of neglect. And instead of working with reputable organizations to improve their practices, they align with an under-qualified NGO whose mission appears to be providing cover and weak defenses for the zoo’s mismanagement. CEE 4 Life is not providing the type of assistance and/or pressure that this zoo needs to achieve best practices. They are simply creating/maintaining a smokescreen so this zoo can continue to behave irresponsibly.

If you cannot keep the animals at your facility fed, if you cannot keep the animals from attacking and injuring one another, if you cannot provide an adequate habitat or proper enrichment, if you cannot keep the visitors from feeding the animals junk food, then you should NOT HAVE ANIMALS.

I’m disgusted with the level of negligence, the lack of standards and enforcement, the unfathomable torture and the excruciating death that animals are facing in Indonesia. The Sun Bears Bandung Zoo are merely the tip of a horrendous iceberg of cruelty.


If we look at the big picture, we find that the one thing that forced the zoo owners to feed the Sun Bears was PRESSURE.

There are amazing people and incredible NGOs in Indonesia working to be a cooperative presence for the animals. They work to provide guidance and support to those who want to do better and they provide a haven for animals in need. But these groups cannot safely provide the level of pressure that is needed to impact the corruption, illegal trafficking, exploitation and torture of animals that is being tolerated by the government.

Pressure, therefore, must come from an alternate source and this is what I intend to deliver from here forward - unyielding pressure to help the animals of Indonesia.

We will continue to monitor the Bandung Zoo and provide future updates. In addition, we will offer support to the legitimate organizations that are working to improve conditions for these animals. Moving forward, this campaign and my efforts will center on making significant, long-term changes for all the animals being exploited and tortured throughout Indonesia.

The road will be long because the problem is huge but I hope you’ll stick with me.

Thank you for being a part of this important journey.


PS: Part II will be posted tomorrow.

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