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Release our friend Dickie Lynn from prison who received life for a non-violent drug crime

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Our friend and classmate Richard Lynn (Dickie) had it tough at an early age, in high school his father died and he quit school to help support his mom and siblings. Then Dickie got mixed up with the wrong crowd as a way to support his family, the drug trade.Our friend was given a life sentence without parole for a non violent drug crime.

There are so many people locked up at a very young age that made stupid mistakes like our classmate Dickie and the Judges said their hands were tied because of mandatory sentences, they should be home with their families. Dickie is known by all to be a gentle, kind person with a big smile. Dickie has 2 children that he has only seen occasionally for visitation in the 26 years he has been locked up and four grandchildren that he has never seen that he just wants the opportunity to be able to hug them and watch them grow. 

This is not just a story about the injustice our class mate Dickey Lynn received in Mobile, Alabama, who was given a life sentence without parole for a non-violent drug crime because of draconian drug sentencing laws, a now-defunct mandatory minimum-sentencing regime, but about how he has spent 26 years on a "Ghost Dope" conspiracy with a trial that was tainted with prosecutor misconduct so blatant that the case was ''reversed & remanded'' because of it!!!  How an overzealous prosecutor Jeffrey Sessions---who is a Senator & soon to be an extremely powerful Attorney General lied to convict Dickie to feather his career in politics. Dickie escaped from the prison when there was no hope after receiving a life sentence without parole, and the Justice system threatened him and did illegal things to him after he was captured. Edward Odom, the Alabama State Trooper assigned to the Narcotic Unit, working out of the DEA Task Force in Mobile involved in Dickie’s arrest “never abandoned the search for a righteous ending”, “hoping to right an injustice” as he continues to fight to get Dickie released today.

The disproportion of sentences of all that were involved in the case with Dickie is a crime, there are some that received NO jail time & are part of the witness protection program, most received 2-3 years. Dickie is the only one that received a life sentence, the only one still in jail.

Dickie comes from a small town in the Florida Keys and classmates started a Facebook page called “Dickie’s Angels”. Their mission is to do whatever is necessary to help free Dickie. Once Dickie’s Angels started posting on Facebook there was a tremendous response from other students that attended Coral Shores high school asking how they could help. A package was sent by the “Angels” to the NEW acting Pardon Attorney Deborah Leff and President Obama as additional support for his application of Commutation of Sentence which contained 193 letters from classmates, family and friends, the Sentence Disparity Chart and Dickie’s certifications, awards & accomplishments  in prison. The Angels have signed petitions to support FAMM (Families against Mandatory Minimums) who has testified before the U.S. Sentencing Commission, the lawmakers that write the rules that affect nearly every federal sentence; the Commission is trying to decide whether to lower sentences for over 50,000 drug offenders in prison. We are fighting to make fair sentencing laws retroactive to help many prisoners that are caught in a hopeless situation.

 With all of his appeals exhausted, Dickie filed a Commutation of Sentence with the President of the United States in 2012 which was denied without reason, Dickie believes his petition never got read as there are over 20,000 petitions. Dickie has filed another one with President Obamas as he is our only hope as Jeffrey Sessions the new Attorney General has criticized Obama for his criminal justice reform.

Please sign the petition so our friend can be released by President Obama before he leaves office.

Kim Ferguson

Classmate & one of “Dickie’s Angels”



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