President Trump: Please grant Michael Knight Sentence Commutation

President Trump: Please grant Michael Knight Sentence Commutation

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Michael Knight is my oldest brother; a very intelligent, resourceful, talented, and tenacious man. He is also a man who made a number of mistakes in his youth. Michael is currently serving 17+ years for the nonviolent crimes of distribution of marijuana and conspiracy to commit money laundering. Michael committed these crimes when he was very young and due to his reluctance to cooperate with authorities in providing testimony Michael was given a much longer sentence than his co-conspirators who did cooperate.

Americans think this is a nation of second chances and that everyone should be granted a Second Chance!  Michael has demonstrated his true remorse for his crimes and for the pain he caused his family. While incarcerated he has held several service jobs where he helped others less fortunate than himself, and these meaningful work commitments have helped him realize the many talents he can contribute to society. These jobs have been tutoring inmates so they could obtain their GEDs and serving as an inmate companion to elderly men who need assistance with daily living activities. Presently Michael is enrolled in the BOP trial college courses' offering of 12 credit hours of study.  He is also simultaneously taking the BOP RDAP program which, upon successful completion, will give him up to one year off his sentence.  Michael has taken many positive steps while he has been incarcerated which clearly demonstrate how he is a changed man and that he is worthy of being given a Second Chance at his life to make a significant and meaningful contribution to his community and our country. 

Michael has a very large family and we are anxious to help him transition to a productive life upon release. Michael's teenage son, Victor, is especially excited about the potential of having a "physical" father-son relationship with his Dad. Michael yearns for the opportunity to provide guidance and support to Victor as he negotiates his way into manhood. Michael plans to live with his mother upon release and will receive assistance from his father, myself (his sister) and his other siblings. Michael has a support group of friends willing to either provide employment for him or assist him in finding suitable, gainful employment. Please sign Michael's petition and sharing it with others on Facebook and Twitter so we can enhance Michael’s chances of reuniting with his loving and supportive family by demonstrating to President Trump that we all care about Michael and his future! 

To read more about Michael's case go to the CAN-DO Foundation site