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 Vietnam is one of the cruelest animals' brutally. Vietnamese Government claim up to 10 million of dogs are now eaten every year. But, the government just ignored the situation.

Vietnamese Catholics people actually eat their own pets for Christmas. They taught their own children to torture and eat dog/cats  for medicinal purposes and for getting rid of all the bad luck and negative energy. This believe is so wrong!!! Vietnamese people therefore have the habits of killing and torturing dogs in their own country, they also did the same thing when they work in other countries, such as Taiwan, Singapore and wherever they exist, they tend to kill dogs/cats in that country. Vietnamese Government must educate their people and set the Law to stop Vietnamese killing dogs/cats.

The worst thing about dog restaurants in Vietnam is that the dogs are tortured before they’re slaughtered. It’s believed the surge of adrenaline through their bodies makes the meat tenderer. Vietnamese believe the more an animal suffers before it dies, the tastier its meat, which may explain the brutal way dogs are killed in Vietnam – Dogs are hit in the head with a hammer and while still conscious, They then put in a sealed box and submerged under water for a few minutes (partially drown them), then brought up still alive. After regaining consciousness, their struck with a baseball bat (in the belly), then hung by their neck (so they cannot scream) and while still alive: they are skinned alive.
Being skinned alive does not immediately kill the animal though.
Their then tossed into vast of boiling water, while still alive after being skinned.
Bones broken, skinned alive and disoriented they flail in the boiling water, unable to get out, clawing at the sides in unimaginable agony as they are cooked from the inside. It is a slow and horrendous death. Some of the dogs’ captives are mainly stolen house pets, wearing collars and tags! This concept makes me sick. 

 Dog is the go-to dish for drinking parties, family reunions and special occasions like on Christmas Day. By torturing these dogs in painful way, they believe lots of adrenaline going through its body. It is said to increase a man's virility, warm the blood on cold winter nights and help provide medicinal cures, and is considered a widely available, protein-rich, healthy alternative to the pork, chicken and beef that the Vietnamese consume every day. MEN believe EATING TOUGH MEAT MAKES THEM MASCULINE. This is so stupid and such a coward acts for torturing these innocents living creature for these purposes.

 Dogs are loyal and loving and you can see the intelligence in their eyes — and the pain.

President Trần Đại Quang. You are not a MURDERER. Nevertheless, YOU are RESPONSIBLE for these criminals. Stop the CORRUPTIONS. DO NOT cover up for these criminals. Do the Right thing as a leader...

Trần Đại Quang (President of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam), Set the LAWS for this Criminal act NOW!
1. Ban roadside and restaurant trade of dog and cat meat.
Enforce tougher laws against those involved in dog and cat meat smuggling - trading and peddling. Repeat offenders imprisoned under maximum law guidelines.
2. President Trần Đại Quang to close down dog and cat meat farms and slaughterhouses.
3. Ban slaughter, abuse, and consumption of ALL DOGS and family pets (e.g. CATS)

President Trần Đại Quang. If you ignore this situation, you and your people are known as MURDERERS in the world.

YOU and your people are not WELCOME in our country or any other foreign countries EVER. STOP THIS EVIL ACT IN VIETNAM NOW Mr President!!!


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