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What about American citizen rights in immigration reform?

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 To the President and the Congress:

 Americans are divided over immigration reform. We all know the system is broken and must be comprehensively fixed, but we can’t seem to agree on exactly how to do it. Yet we are writing because there is at least one bedrock American value which must be a cornerstone for any immigration reform: no American immigration system can be worth anything if it divides US citizens from their husbands and wives.

 We are asking you to fix that – to change policy and the law so that Americans are not forced to choose between their marriages and their country.

 We are not talking about ax murderers or career criminals.  In fact, we are not talking about the rights of immigrants, at all.

 We are asking you to stand up for the immigration rights of US citizens.

 Many people who have not been caught by the fish hooks and bear traps that litter our immigration laws imagine the rights of US citizens carry weight.  After all, the principle is that legal immigrants are invited by Americans – and the highest priority has always been the immediate relatives of US citizens.

 But technical, even trivial violations – like missing a hearing – can have catastrophic consequences.  The bureaucracy uses traffic court rules to impose life sentences.  So we are talking about the rights of US citizens – whose interests are what a reformed American immigration system must be designed to serve.

 It can surprise Americans that in all the noise surrounding immigration,  the most neglected constituency is the large group of US citizens married to new Americans.  There are 4.1 million of us, with perhaps 300,000 who face some kind of glitch in the paperwork – and we all know that there but for the grace of God go any of our families, forced to choose between prolonged exile or being permanently outlawed in our own country.

 So we the undersigned urge President Trump (who is himself one of us) and the Congress to place the highest priority on fixing these un-American provisions of US law.

 Details (including legislation) can be found at AmericanFamiliesUnited.Org.




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