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Southern Cameroonians Demand The Restoration of their Statehood.

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For 56 years, the people of the former British Southern Cameroons have been marginalized by the majority French Cameroon government, currently headed by a dictator, Mr. Paul Biya. As a result of this marginalization, in September and October of 2016, lawyers and teachers from this region made demands through demonstrations and strike actions. The government reacted violently by sending in the army and military police who killed, raped, jailed, and tortured unarmed, peaceful demonstrators – including university students. These atrocious acts have continued for the past one year. The United Nations and other international organizations are aware of the plight of the people of Southern Cameroons. However, they have not done anything to address the fundamental problem, an end to marginalization.


On September 22nd 2017, there were massive peaceful protests all over Southern Cameroons that resulted in the murder of 11 protesters by President Biya’s army of occupation. On October 1st 2017 Southern Cameroonians all over the world rose as one voice to celebrate their independence from the British, which they had gained 56 years ago on that very day. Since October 1st, over 50 Southern Cameroonians have been murdered by Biya’s military and the killings have yet to cease. Military helicopters originally provided by the United States to fight Boko Haram were deployed on unarmed, peaceful demonstrators. This crisis may lead to another Rwanda-like genocide. In order to prevent the world from seeing these inhumane acts and human rights violations, the government shut down the internet and all forms of social media communication systems in Southern Cameroons. This is yet another example of how Southern Cameroonians have been marginalized for 56 years. They should no longer remain slaves to a system controlled by France and French-speaking Cameroonians.

President Trump, as the leader of the free world, we are asking you and the United States Congress to intervene and save these people from persecution and total annihilation. During your address to the United Nations on September 17,2017, you mentioned that regimes that restrict internet access, tear down satellite dishes, shoot unarmed student protesters, imprison political reformers are oppressive regimes that cannot endure forever. You also mentioned that a day will come when the people will face a choice, to remain oppressed or seek liberation. The people of the former British Cameroons are asking President Trump and the U.S Congress to intervene and have La Republique du Cameroun do the following:

1. Stop the killing, rape, torture, and arbitrary arrest of innocent Southern Cameroonians.

2. Free all arbitrarily arrested activists and protester from the Southern Cameroons who are requesting an end to marginalization.

3. Restore internet and social media in the Southern Cameroons

4. Help the people of the Southern Cameroons achieve their right to self-determination by restoring their statehood.

These calls to action are extremely important because we want peace and stability in both La Rebublique du Cameroun and the Southern Cameroons. Solutions to these problems would allow for a flourishing democracy, economic development, prosperity, good governance, and better quality of life. Such an environment will lead to fewer Cameroonians migrating to the United States to seek political asylum, better opportunities, and reduce the economic burden of immigrants to the United States of America, a problem you addressed in your speech to the UN.

Please free the former British Southern Cameroons now – before it is too late.

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