Siskiyou Peaks National Recreation Trail Proposal

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Long-distance hiking on National Trails is becoming more and more popular. With access to natural features and jaw-dropping scenery, it's no surprise. National Trails call to people of all walks of life. I'm proposing a new trail to add to the National Trails System.

The Siskiyou Peaks Trail visits the highest point in 7 wilderness areas. 

On The Siskiyou Peaks Trail, hikers can have a grand adventure, going to heights of over 14,000ft, and experience a sense of outdoor community and raw physical challenge. They will visit a variety of ecosystems, most of which contain rare and unique plants that are found nowhere else on Earth. They will also pass thru small mountain towns that offer opportunities to go river rafting, visit friendly stores owned by second and third generation Mom & Pops, and have a chance to resupply from Farmer's Markets offering locally grown foods.

Help me to honor, restore, and utilize the existing trails and summit routes that are on this trail in a way that preserves their scenic uniqueness while providing new support to the recreational economies of the mountain towns located between them.

Send a message abroad that the US loves new adventures, and its old trails too.

Designate The Siskiyou Peaks Trail as a National Recreation Trail.

I support The Siskiyou Peaks National Recreation Trail Proposal.