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Stop the Social Media censorship of Right-Wing voices.

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To date, we have seen an endless stream of attacks on Right-Wing voices on social media. FaceBook, YouTube, Twitter, and others have banned, censored, demonetized, and labeled our content. Meanwhile, the vile language of the left has been rewarded and promoted. America is the only nation in the world that gives it's citizens the gift of free speech and this speech was not meant to be censored. Speech does not have to be liked or loved by all people we are all grown ups and can decide on our own what we want to see or not. In this past year, we have seen how ruthless and powerful the Social media and Internet companies have become. While they will promote the free access to degenerate pornography they censor and remove Right-Wing websites. We saw this with the attack on the Daily Stormer we must stand up against these attacks we have just as much right in this nation to express our ideas as anyone else and free from unlawful censorship. We petition the U.S. Government and courts to end the unlawful attacks on right-wing websites and media. If we continue to allow these attacks how long is it before we are burning books and listening to and watching only state-approved material. Please sign this petition to let the people know that we will no longer be silenced. 

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