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Stop the legalization of hunting bears, wolves and their babies while they're sleeping.

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There is a bill trying to be passed for the legalization of hunting bears and cubs while hibernating, also with wolves and their pups. If this bill is passed, we go through a bigger mass extinction than we are already going through with elephants, rhinos, polar bears, tigers, etc. By over kill, we lose our "circle of life", and by over kill, we kill ourselves in the future. We kill our children, grandchildren and so forth. By stoping this one thing, we can stop poaching for good, and be wiser when it comes to our environment, for the human race is killing the earth. Bears, wolves, and their babies aren't doing anything wrong, they are so much more afraid of us than we are of them, and the only reason they would attack is for self defense, or the defense of their young. There are so many more bills and issues that need intended attention than killing innocent animals, WHILE they are sleeping. Also, there is no necessary need to kill these animals, only for fun and sport do they wish to pass the bill. We start with the bears, wolves, other animals, and their babies; we end with human civilization looking for alternatives till the death of all life. This is an important, EXTREMELY inhumane problem that needs to be addressed, for it is morally wrong. Thank you.

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