Stop the flow!

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The release of water from  Lake Okeechobee has had an enormous affect on the ecosystem along the coastline of SWFL and further. The toxic algae has killed a mass amount of marine life in this man made ecological disaster. The flow should be stopped as to limit what is possible from the affects of this incident, until such a time a plan for clean up or recovery of any toxic material can be undertaken; or there is adequate rainfall to hopefully break up and dilute the toxic algae alongside of our effort to limit the effects of this devastating event. 

Sea life is being found dead along our beaches, large animals such as manatees, whales, sharks and endangered sea turtles included.

This area is heavily reliant on income of tourism. No one can visit beaches or enjoy their vacations at the time being.

This phenomenon is affecting the health of all those in the vicinity of it. 

All of us here in Florida WILL be affected.

Please join me in changing what happens next.