Save the Planet

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The Earth is in grave danger of, what people might call, a 'world-wide massive destruction', due to the large amount of pollution that is created daily. 

Cars, seen as one of the leading causes of destroying our home and air, are one of the easier options to be changed. Though cars are seen as a 'necessity' for the life of a working citizen, there are many other alternative options to receive transportation, that could possibly reduce the amount of pollution produced by motor-vehicles. Options could include producing environment friendly vehicles that could reduce pollution, or a environmentally friendly bus that could provide transportation to a larger amount of people, or even just walking or riding a bike. 

When looking at statistics and facts, it has been said that vehicles contribute one third of all carbon emissions in the United States, which adds up to a shocking amount of 300 million metric tons of carbon each year! We may have adapted to the usage of motor-vehicles, but the Earth will not ever be able to.

While greatly decreasing the amount of cars that are used in the United States will help greatly with the amount of pollution killing Earth, it can also solve many other issues. With less cars, walking will become something that will be more common for every American, some having to walk more than they would if they had a car. This would also lower the large scale of obesity America faces, and trust me, I could also use the exercise. Other solved problems include the lesser amount of oil that would be needed, saving more money from your paycheck by not having to pay for gas, and of course, saving Earth. 

Looking at this petition, many would be absolutely flabbergasted at the idea of no cars, and potentially getting rid of motor-vehicles totally, and I agree that adjusting to that kind of lifestyle would take some time. But we are already running low on time, just look around! Motor-vehicles are doing more harm than they are doing good. Who would buy something that, in the end, will speed up our impending doom? How will future generations live in the waste-land we leave them? Things can change, but we have to act fast.

What better gift to give our future children than to gift them a clean, healthy planet?