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Reinstate the ban on imports of elephant trophies from Zimbabwe & Zambia into the US

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The illegal ivory trade and poaching are the biggest threats to the elephants that have reduced elephant population. There are different reasons why poaching and ivory trade are out of control and hard to stop. More than 150,000 elephants were murdered for their ivory these past 5 years (Davidson and Ladkani). The illegal hunting and trade has increased because of the greediness of humans, economic and financial self-servings, hunger, and poverty in Africa. 

The United States banned all trade in ivory in July 2016, but only four states, California, New York, Washington, and New Jersey have passed ivory bans. While this important step would have a big impact on reducing the ivory trade and poaching, it is very essential for all states to pass this law. Instead of moving forward to make bigger changes, now we are facing President Trump's decision to reverse the ban on imports of elephant trophies from Zimbabwe and Zambia. This unacceptable decision is a regression, and it will increase the demand for elephant parts which will increase the number of poachers and the murder of elephants.

How could we explain to the next generation who may possibly see the elephants solely in the pictures, movies, or books? These majestic and extraordinary creatures are our gifts, and it is our responsibility to protect and share this earth. Elephants are under risk of disappearing from the earth because of the illegal hunting and ivory trade, and habitat loss. To save the elephants, we should be aware of this potential disaster, and be part of the fight against this massacre. Please say no, and sign this petition to stop Trump's decision on this issue. 

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