Beautify the World: Urge World Leaders to Cross the Red Lines for harmony in Korea

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The beauty of our world is frequently harmed by natural disasters and preventable man-made conflicts. Conflicts are exacerbated when leaders and people of goodwill fail to be decisive in crossing red lines that restrains them from taking measures that will prevent disagreements from evolving into conflicts. Lately, the concept of red lines has gained traction as world leaders increasingly define what limits opponents will cross that will compel a decisive response. This is very profound in the Korean peninsula which has witnessed various moments of tension with threats of possible nuclear warfare between the United States and North Korea since the Korea War of 1950-1953. However, there is a glimmer of hope for resolving the Korean question following recent turn of events and change in the posturing of actors.

In the on-going efforts to resolve the Korean question, a number of red lines will be crossed and there is need for voices of support from people who desire a beautiful world to motivate and inspire world leaders to be resolute and cross these red lines. In support of peace and reconciliation in the Korean peninsula and elsewhere, my friends, admirers and relations, are mobilizing a community of people with beautiful minds called the Beautiful Family to join our global campaigns to beautify the world. These campaigns will be enhanced by a novelty called the Beautiful Sport and the Beautiful Initiatives.


1.      Having crossed the “red line” that has restrained the people of Korea from taking concrete steps to unity, we urge the leaders of North Korea and South Korea not to retreat but aim for set goals.

2.      We call on world leaders, people of goodwill and beautiful minds to support key actors to cross all “red lines” that has restrained and hampered the resolution of the Korean question.

3.      We urge President of the United States, China, Russia, South Korea, Prime Minister of Japan and Leader of North Korea to take irreversible actions and resolve the Korean question.

4.      We call on humanity to support our vision to beautify the world using the Beautiful Sport. We shall organize a peace and conciliation game and festival to support the negotiations among parties to the Korean question. We will showcase how crossing the red line on the playing field for the Beautiful Sport will greatly enrich the resolution of the Korean question

5.      We urge world leaders to be ready to cross the red lines on the playing field for the sport and to take the unique Leadership Kick in the sport to demonstrate their commitment to the set goals.

1. Petitioners will be opportuned to attend an exhibition of the sport
2. Petitioners will form the building blocks of the family in their country 
3. Petitioners will participate in a global festival that will beautify the world
Honour the Call to Beautify the World

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