Pardon Political Prisoner Francis Schaeffer Cox

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Please pardon Schaeffer Cox 16179-006 railroaded into prison as patsy for FBI false flag attack on 2nd Amendment. FBI tried to persuade Schaeffer Cox to lead undercover FBI operatives in killing government officials. When Schaeffer refused their plot they arrested him and charged him with it anyway. Prosecutors made up charges, lied to jury, withheld exculpatory evidence and broke laws to convict him. Information on internet shows evidence from trial discovery that was withheld from jury that totally exonerates him. Please pardon him & expose criminal behavior and prosecutorial misconduct on the part of the FBI & Department of Justice. These government agencies have become a joke, a liability, and a danger to law abiding American citizens. Schaeffer, a man of good character, well liked in his community. was demonized as a criminal, given 26 year sentence by a jury that was totally kept in the dark.  As natural born Americans it is our duty to bring this travesty of justice to light.  There is so much information on youtube, with full evidence, that the DOJ did not allow to be given on behalf of Schaeffer.  Its a crime by United States Federation's Alaskan DOJ, and all against an innocent American man by ladder climbing government employees.