Make Gamers a Protected Class in the United States

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We, the GAMERS of the United States need to rise up and finally make Gamers a protected class.

No longer shall we face discriminations such as:

  • Not being allowed to take gaming breaks at work.
  • Not being given a $300 gaming chair at your cubicle.
  • Not being allowed to have r/gaming as your homepage.
  • Having to pay an extra fee for WiFi on an airplane when you brought your Nintendo Switch.
  • Being called "racist."

And many, many more. 

We're not part of the Democratic Party and we're not part of the Republican Party; we have formed our own party for gamers, by gamers called the LAN Party. So take note, U.S. government, because if you do not heed to our commands, we WILL replace your seat with a GAMER.