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Keep American Icons American (Route 66). Stop foreign trademarks of Americana!

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President of the United States Donald Trump could do an Executive Order to invalidate United States Trademarks, specifically Route 66, given to foreign entities. Currently Lodestar Anstalt, a European Corporation, has a few United States Trademarks for beer and carbonated sodas.  There are at least six microbreweries that have or are currently using Route 66 in connection with beer and there are at least three that are currently or have used Route 66 with carbonated sodas. Lodestar has not spent any money on making Route 66 synonymous with beer or sodas. In fact, if you have ever heard or a Route 66 beer it is more than likely an American product that has been ordered to cease and desist by Lodestar. By far, if you have ever drank a Route 66 soda it is definitely an American product.  

If you google Route 66 trademark you will find horror stories of cities, counties, states, and small businesses getting letters of cease and desist for simply promoting the world's most famous highway that runs through their city, town, and state.  Other trademarks for Route 66 are owned by European companies for apparel and such. Americans can not be bullied from using what is rightfully ours...our parents, grandparents, great grandparents, and children have all paid for the name Route 66 through decades of taxes.  The United States Highway Department thought of the name and promoted it with American tax dollar money to make it famous and what it is today!  Although Route 66 is not needed in large areas between Chicago and Los Angeles your tax dollars still go to maintain the road as it is considered a historic US Icon.

My small brewery is located at 1634 E. Hwy 66, Grants, NM 87020 and every American knows that is synonymous with 1634 E. ROUTE 66.  I named my brewery for the location and the description...I turned an auto junkyard into a brewery, thus the name is Route 66 Junkyard Brewery!  I simply followed the trend of the three largest breweries in New Mexico when choosing the name of the brewery, Santa Fe Brewery is called that because their brewery is in Santa Fe, Sierra Blanca is called that because they started in the county of Sierra Blanca, and Marble Brewery is named  such because they started downtown on Marble street in Albuquerque!

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