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On a small patch of land outside a village in the Central Highlands of Vietnam a family has pitched a makeshift shelter. They have travelled for 3 days and 2 nights in search of food and sanctuary.
Dinh Van Tuong, is the titular head of this group of eleven people. He is in his 30’s - but by appearances, - and the hardships of life - looks much older.
Last year’s searing drought was the worst in almost 90 years. It destroyed almost 70% of their crops. The last of their livestock is now gone. He fears for the safety and wellbeing of his family.
His wife held up an empty bowl and said, “We arrived yesterday with nothing to eat and nowhere to go”. They had just eaten their last remaining food – a few portions of plain rice. Two of her children suffer from the flu and dysentery - they are all malnourished.
This family is part of a declining population in urgent need of food, medical assistance and protection from the central government of Vietnam.
The Dega were America’s first and most loyal allies in the Vietnam War. They were the first people to inhabit this region and the rightful owners of the Central Highlands. During the Vietnam War over a million Dega people died in what is now recognized as an act of genocide by the North and South Vietnamese Governments and Viet Cong.
In the years leading up to and throughout that war the Vietnamese attacked Dega villages day and night. They burned entire villages, killing men, women, the elderly and children. Entire communities were eliminated.
They bombed Dega villages. They often raped women and forced their husbands and children to watch.
When they were done, they’d kill the women and men and kidnap the Dega children, brainwash them and force them to serve in their military.
The Vietnamese tortured the Dega - cutting into their bodies - pouring salt and pepper into their wounds - gutting them - burning them - hanging and beheading them.
The Vietnamese continue to imprison the Dega where disease and infections eventually kill many of them. Forced sterilization of the Dega women curbs any real population growth.
The number of Dega civilians murdered as a result of this violence is grossly under-reported. UN Observers estimate that to date the Vietnamese have killed over a million Dega people. Other estimates exceed three million victims.
The Dega welcomed, fought with and supported America’s soldiers when we arrived in Vietnam. The Dega were hopeful that our victory over the communists would lead to their independence.
The Vietnamese government continues to persecute the Dega people in their own homeland.
Today there is a small community of Dega, about 13,000 in North Carolina attempting to organize and bring attention to the plight and slaughter of their people back home.
This petition is the beginning.
In the words of British philosopher John Stuart Mill:
“Let not any one pacify his conscience by the delusion that he can do no harm if he takes no part, and forms no opinion. Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing. Please join us on Facebook at " ABANDONED & DESPERATE ALLIES". GENOCIDE HAPPENS, ONLY WHEN WE TURN AWAY...............

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