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Leelah's life mattered and her dream must not die!

Transgender Human Rights Institute

Dec 31, 2014 — We cannot imagine walking down a dark highway at 2:20 am in the cold and what Leelah's last thoughts were. But we do know that Leelah had a hope. She had a vision of what had to be accomplished. Her hope was for a better life for others, a better world where acceptance of transgender people can exist. Her hope was given in just two words "Fix Society." That is the torch we carry that is why we want President Obama to step up and carry the torch with us for Leelah's Law.

No person should have to suffer as Leelah did. No person should be subjected to brainwashing to try to change their gender identity or sexual orientation. That's why we are all here. To end the brainwashing and torturing of our youth!

The Transgender Human Rights Institute founder Allison Woolbert grew up in the Church of Christ under the same fundamentalism that Leelah suffered under. She strongly believes and is dedicated that we have to “Fix Society’ through the creation of Leelah’s Law We have to END the brainwashing based on transphobia and religious bias. We have to follow the final words of Leelah- “Fix Society”

The Transgender Human Rights Institute has opened a donation area called “Fix Society” in memory of Leelah to pursue the ending of torture and brainwashing known as ‘transgender conversion therapy’ and work towards Fixing Society. Click Here:

You can make a difference and make Leelah’s dream come true. Her story must be told. You can help be a part of fixing society. Please consider helping out today so we can make Leelah's dream happen.

Join with us today- let’s get Leelah’s Law passed and "Fix Society"!

The Transgender Human Rights Institute is a 501c3 tax deductible organization Dedicated to Advancing the Acceptance of Transgender Human Rights.

Keep fighting for people power!

Politicians and rich CEOs shouldn't make all the decisions. Today we ask you to help keep free and independent. Our job as a public benefit company is to help petitions like this one fight back and get heard. If everyone who saw this chipped in monthly we'd secure's future today. Help us hold the powerful to account. Can you spare a minute to become a member today?

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